January 8, 2006

I have been getting a bit better, though you probably can’t tell from what I have spun, ha ha. The first spindle is mostly spun with the spin/park/draft method. It is really thick in areas and super, super thin in areas. I am spinning merino that came in the kit I bought and I have realized thought it is soft it does draft real easy, of course I didn’t figure this out until I started the salmon colored merino that had silk in it…I will give you my thoughts on that in a second.
So here is my first spinning and I think I am going to end up dyeing it (not sure what color yet) and then plying it with the salmon merino. I figure like should be plyed with like.

This is spun with a small top worl and I have noticed it doesn’t spin as easy or as long as the larger bottom worl.

The salmon merino, looked really cool in the ebay picture. It is salmon merino with white silk “noils.” What wasn’t told in the ebay picture is that the silk also has cocoon debris in it. I am going to be honest here…that is not real cool. Silk=cool. Silk chrysalis=not cool.

First off, besides the fact that I kind of think bug cocoons is oogy (sorry…just is to me) also, debris like that all throughout the roving is really difficult to spin with. I was constantly picking it out. There is no way I was able to get it all out but it sucked because I was constantly stopping to flick the nasties out and if I didn’t, they would kind of flick out at me. I liked the salmon color and I spun all of it. It ended up being a little over 1 oz. It also varies from very thin to thick, but I think there is more of a consistancy as this was my second try at spinning and I finally was able to get where I could spin the spindle and then draft and not have to park the spindle.

I spun the salmon on the larger bottom worl and I noticed that thing would spin and spin, especially the heavier it got. Also, this merino drafted a lot easier, so I wasn’t “fighting” the roving and was able to pull from it pretty fast.

What can I do with 1oz of handspun yarn? Not much, I know. If you have any ideas, post them. When I ply it, it will be more, but still I doubt enough for a scarf.

Like anything, I think with practice I will just get better. It is easy to look at newbies/turned pros like Marnie and try and compare myself. I was reading Julia’s blog about her journey with the drop spindle and find a lot of similarities of how she has been spinning with myself. Of course, her yarn just looks awesome is uniform and balanced.

I was reading a website that talked about adding spin before loading it onto the spindle after you spun it so my yarn isn’t balanced at all and maybe I put in too much spin, I don’t know. I am going to see what happens after I ply it with my other terribly unbalanced beginner yarn to see what I get.

Speaking of websites….look at this one http://www.icanspin.com/toc.htm. It has videos. I wish I would have seen this about 2 weeks ago before I started my spinning journey. This one…http://www.joyofhandspinning.com/HowToDropspin.html has videos too, and I think if you use both sites you will really get a good understanding of how to do it.

Did I ever tell you I was a visual learner? Yes, I have to see it and pretty much do it before I figure things out. I can’t tell you how many times I read how to spin and it made absolutely zero sense to me at all. I just could not conceptualize it until I saw videos and then did it myself.

Look…I have lots more to spin, as the ebayer sent me extra wool to make up for my spindle breaking and also because I bought 1 pound of BFL, which I read is good for beginners to spin as it has long fibers.

My “dream creation” a few posts back is on hold because I ran out of the yarn I was working with and can’t buy more of that yarn until atleast Friday and that might have to wait as I still have to buy a textbook. Sometimes I feel like I let down my blog readers by not completing some things I “promise.” Sorry…sometimes I don’t. Tis Life, huh?

Oh, yah…almost forgot…School starts this week for me. 🙂


One comment

  1. MM, nice spinning! I’ve been playbg with my spindle too, though I didn’t really want to til my class this weekend.

    Thanks for the links, too!!

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