January 17, 2006

Remember this yarn? It is Crystal Palace – Iceland in colorway Tidepool. The yarn practically melts on my needles. It is really soft and the lanolin has made my hands very soft. I am making it for Sierra, but she hates the colors and says she won’t wear it. I am going to finish it anyways, because it is a really fast pattern (started it on Friday.) I am hoping once it is finished and she tries it on she will change her mind. It is bulky weight yarn and the pattern is out of the Rebecca Baby + Kids #8 magazine, It is kind of hard to tell because the wool is springy, but it is a K2P2 Ribbing. I ordered this yarn off of ebay and have not been able to find this color anywhere else….sigh.

***edited to add…help, I ran out of yarn…***



  1. OMG!! I love it!!!

  2. It is beautiful!!! I’m surprised that Sierra doesn’t like the colors. I hope you are able to find more of the yarn to finish it!

  3. Ooh, I love the colors in that, it looks so cute! Maybe it’ll grow on her once it is all done. I hate running out of yarn at the very last. Hopefully you can make do with something.

  4. It’s beautiful – I hope she ends up loving it!

  5. It’s gorgeous Wendy! If I see that colorway anywhere, I’ll let you know. šŸ™‚

  6. What about a yolk in one of the colors in the existing yarn. Sometimes running out of ran adds some interesting twists (good ones) to a project. Just a thought.

  7. Try these two places, both had Tidepool listed as a color selection.
    http://www.worldknit.com (you will have to click around, I think ā€“ they’re closing out their Crystal Palace yarns)

    You might want to email them first to find out if they still have that color, since it’s discontinued.

    I hope you find it — the sweater’s gorgeous!


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