Science Lesson

January 26, 2006

Everyone (well most of us anways) knows the air we breath is oxygen and the air we exhale is carbon dioxide (or CO2,) right?

One would assume that the Oxygen we breath in is converted to the Carbon dioxide we exhale, however that assumption would be wrong.

Did you know that your food you eat is broken down to its basic elements and the Carbon from your food is what you exhale?

So you may be asking (or you may not) what do we do with the Oxygen we breath in? Well, as your body is making energy for the cells from the food you eat and it is going through different reactions it has these hydrogens that have no where to go. The Oxygen you breath in bonds with the hydrogens and you get…..yep, Water!

It is Thursday night, and I have a little bit of homework to do and then I will be getting back to my yarn.


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