Design trials – aka Valentine dream top

January 29, 2006

I have to admit this isn’t what my “dream project” was suppose to be, it kind of morphed into this as I was working on it. The original was a tank top, but I decided would be too cold for this time of year. This was originally 2 inches wider, but I ripped it all out and took it in as I thought I would be too wide…boy was I wrong. I think I would have been right the first time. The top on Sierra is too small, but the arms are the right length. I am very happy with how I got the arms to fit on the top and I think I will use this method for other tops that I design in crochet as it seems to work for me.

I tried the top on Madeleine and it fits perfect around, but the arms are too long. The arms are worked from the bottom up, so I would have to take the arms off and then rip them, which would be a little bit of work, but not impossible to do. The heart motif kind of lost its shape on the top after I sewed it down.

As much as this seems like a flop, it actually is a success as I got the arms on and I like how they look and I got the basic design down. Really, I would have to make several versions again if I wanted to make this into a pattern. (I am not a one shot gal like some of you guys!)

Anyone have a skinny daughter with long arms?


  1. Oh it’s too cute! I love the neckline and the basic design. If you do tweek it and write up a pattern I’d love to try it out.

  2. Absolutely ADORABLE! And congrats on winning at Deneens 😉

  3. I also like the design. I think for a first try, you did a great job.. the girls are sooo cute! I could hardly imagine whay my first try will look like.=)

  4. I’m so excited that your sleeve method worked out! 🙂

    I have a six year old with a thin body and long arms, but she’s eating like a horse right now which means she’s on her way to wearing sevens instead of sixes.

  5. It’s always difficult to get the width just right on crocheted tops! But your design is so cute as are your girls. 🙂

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