Ebay feedback question?

January 31, 2006

I emailed the ebay seller about the yarn I was looking for. She said she had it and would send it to me with a price plus shipping. I decided to buy one of her auctions, to spread the shipping cost as 1 ball of yarn didn’t seem worth the shipping. Ends up, like I said in the previous post, that she sent the wrong yarn that I needed. However, I do like the yarn I got from the auction that I bid on. I am going to keep both yarns that I bought, but I do kind of feel tricked.

You see, she told me that her supplier told her the ocean was tidepool, colorway. However, I also provided her with the color #. In addition, I emailed her through the original auction that I had bought the tidepool, so she could see in that picture they weren’t the same. I think she told me she had it, then looked and didn’t have it. She waited over a week to ship it, then shipped the wrong one, knowing I wouldn’t send it back. Who sends back 1 ball of yarn? In addition, since I didn’t buy it through an auction, I can’t really give her negative feedback for it, you know? Not that I think that I would, but it is all weird.

Of course, even though I paid her right when the auction ended she has sat on my feedback, which pisses me off because I did my part. I paid her. She should give me positive feedback.

I want to give her positive feedback and state that I love the cotton twist (which I do!) However, also mention that I got the wrong iceland. Is that bad? I know I should drop it…just tell me to drop it.

By the way…How many credit card applications do you get per week? Tony and I have been getting almost 2 per day, for each of us. It drives me bonkers…plus, I have noticed the envelope keeps getting bigger and bigger, like they think we didn’t see it the first 50 times they sent us them in just 2006.

I think I did good on my test. The scantron part was fast and easy. The written part was more difficult as I had to draw info from the black hole (aka my brain.) Also, I guess we needed to hand in review questions and of course (like the bad 6th grader I felt like) I didn’t have them. Honestly, I had no idea they were due as he scribbled that on the lab board last Thursday and with all of the other junk he had up there, I read it like labs due and didn’t see it was reviews. He said I can hand it in on Thursday (with a 2 point deduction…oh well.)

Also, he mentioned on my last quiz that I was missing a quiz. I talked to him about it and said to him, “don’t you remember when you made an example of me in front of the whole class?” He couldn’t believe he did that…apologized, and then told me luckily I can drop a quiz. Yes, he mentioned that already….sigh. I swear I will get through this like a good student. I just have to be schooled on remedial crap. Wait until I get my test back and get one of the only A’s in class (yeah, so what if I am a little cocky.) I think the teacher will look at me differently and realize some people don’t need to turn in remedial homework to do well on the test. In fact, everyone used a study sheet….guess what, I didn’t. Stupid, maybe but I didn’t feel I needed one. School and learning is for me and either I know it or I don’t. I was the second person to turn in my test, I guess because I wan’t reading through a study sheet. đŸ˜‰



  1. I say let the eBay thing go. It does sound weird that she sent you the first batch and then didn’t know what the right color was the second time around. Is it worth her leaving you a negatve feedback over? Sometimes I think the feedback system is more harmful than helpful to a buyer.

    Here’s a link to an MSN article on how to opt-out of pre-approved credit card mailings. I did this and do not receive offers any longer.


  2. Oops, not sure what happened to that web address.

    Here’s what it says…
    Opt out of most credit-card solicitations by using the credit bureaus’ toll-free hotline, (888) 5 OPT OUT.

  3. Sorry I can’t gice advice with the ebay business – sounds like a tricky situation.

    About the credit card offers though – holy crap, I’m inundated with the things! Most often I toss ’em in the shredder w/o even opening, but sometimes I do and I can’t help but lol at the APRs – 21%?? Hello, is my first name Moron??

  4. I’ve never done the ebay thing, but can’t help wondering how many other people she’s done that too, and how much more money she’s pocketing because of her “mistakes”. Sounds too fishy too me. Believe I would indeed post the postive first but include the other. If you’d read something like that before you ordered…you probably would have been more on the alert and or question her to be certain you were getting what your ordered and pay for. I’ve not used ebay as I said, but frankly everyone I know that has…talks of negative experiences like this so …put the info out there…after all you’re just telling it like it is.
    Good Luck

    Next question, have you ever sold on ebay? I’m curious the difference between it and esty? Been seeing lots of needle work for sale on both. Thoughts?

    Stop in for a visit and let me know your thoughts.

  5. Wendy I would let the eBay thing drop for the simple reason…buying a product from someone on eBay that isnt listed is against TOS. If her actual “eBay” business was good then thats how’d I’r rate her.

    Well thats my two cents LOL

    We get alot of CC offers too and most mine come in my old last name, previous marriage, and it’s been ages ago, lol

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