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Tea Time – RAOK

February 28, 2006

I have been RAOK’d! Yesterday I went to the school to pick up a certified document for my school loans and to buy some scantrons for my test today. I had some time to spare before picking Sierra up from school and stopped into Tuesday Mornings. I saw a cute porcelain mini tea set and I kind of got nostalgic for when I was a kid and I use to play tea time with my school yard friends out in the grassy soccer field. The set was $20 and so I decided to not buy it and to talk to Tony about it later. I picked Sierra up from school and when I got home there was a box on my doorstep.

Surprised, because I have not ordered anything and the box seemed kind of big. Sierra and I opened it up with great enthusiasm and low and behold there was some small ceramic cups, a tea pot, napkin rings, plates, silverware…It was a miniature ceramic tea/dish set. I could not believe how I had just been looking at something similar and didn’t buy it and here it was in a box in front of me. Sierra and I went into her room and I unwrapped all of the dishes and let her play. I snuck back upstairs later and snapped this picture. Apparently Nala (or is it Simba?) is having tea with Bear.

Of course, later like any reckless almost 5 year old she started to clank the glasses around and broke the handle off one. Tony is going to superglue it tonight. I asked her why she did it and she told me she was just excited. I think I am going to have to monitor her a bit while she plays with these, hopefully she learned her lesson.

Thank you Carol! Your generosity is so appreciated and since today and yesterday has been so stormy here, this has been a pleasant, wonderful surprise!

Poor Bear looks hungry, huh?

Took big Micro test #2 and think I did okay. It was terribly hard and my brain feels like a fried egg. I hope I can settle down a bit tonight and maybe work on that Angelica tunic some more. I thought I was close to being finished but I guess I have a lot of hip rows to do and then onto the sleeves and then the neckline.

Also, we are having weird stormy weather today (and yesterday)….lots of wind and rain and I have a feeling soon will be hail.


Angelica another post about it…

February 27, 2006

So, I picked up Angelica tunic again. Remember that I frogged 24 rows? I contacted Stephanie from Glampyre Knits she was very nice and sent me the corrections, which would have me frog 4 rows back and add some more rows and then start the darts or decreases. I decided to manipulate the pattern to the number of stitches that I already had. Then, after I knitted over 30 rows, I realized that on the dart section I was suppose to put a row of knitting between each one and I didn’t do that….oops. I seem to not see those Knit rows between all of the “action.” It only equals 6 rows total and well, can’t really say much more about it, but it was over 30 rows ago and I don’t want to go back.

I also somehow ended up with 10 stitches more than I should have in width, but after putting in a lifeline and trying the thing on I realized this mistake was one of those happy little mistakes. My “tunic” seems to be a little form fitting as is. I look um a little….curvy (oh, okay fat.) I am still going to make it.

I might not be working on it much the next few days. I have a huge Microbiology test on Tuesday.

Also, my back is not good right now. I had about 4 weeks of a pain free back and then a few days ago I woke up in the worst pain and could not get out of bed. I had to have Tony help me. It sucked. It also didn’t go away like it had in the past and so every day since then I have been like it. The one thing that sucks about this the most is that when you are in pain daily you find it easy to block it out. It is manageable. However, when the pain goes away and you realize how it is for once in 8 years to not have any pain, it is glorious, wonderful, awesome.

Then, 4 weeks later to feel that pain that goes from between an 8 and a 10 in the pain scale…it is like prison in your own body. The pain is unmanageable because you let your pain guard down.
I want to go back to my happy place. My pain free place. The place where I wanted to start exercising again and thought about playing tennis and hiking and running and doing all of the fun things I use to enjoy. I hate being fat, but moreso hate not being able to move without pain. Today walking around killed me. Laying down killed me. Sitting for too long killed me. Standing killed me. It sucked.

Sorry to vent this all out. I usually hold this in and would rarely talk about being in pain. I think there is a stigma that is associated with people who are in pain and so I try not to expand on it very much. Sometimes it just is, but I still try to live despite it.

So, enough of that…here is my Angelica progress…sorry for the bad lighting….just me trying to take a pic of myself in the bathroom mirror:

I also got my Jimbo hook yesterday. The story behind this is that Jimbo posts on Crochetville and whittles these hooks from pieces of wood found on his property in the woods. He has become famous on crochetville for making custom hooks for people. You take a few detailed pictures of crocheting and he will try and carve something to your liking. Well, before he took customs, he had an inventory of his first hooks and he posted them on his blog. I have been eyeing his hooks for awhile. When I saw the post, I knew this hook was one that would be perfect for me.

Sorry for the bad picture, I took it myself…

I have the “toothbrush” hold while hooking, so placed my order on his blog. I got it yesterday and I swear Jimbo and I must have the same size hands (large.) This hook fits perfect. I am amazed at how each groove looks like it has been shaped for my hand. I actually looked at baby yarn today as my best friend just told me she is expecting a baby (oh, say 9 months from now) and so I thought I would crochet her a blanket as she doesn’t cloth diaper. I cannot wait to use this hook, so after my current in progress knitting is done I will be definitely doing a hook project. Thanks Jimbo!



February 25, 2006

Finished 1 sock, so my question is…. (because I always seem to have one…)

This sock is a bit too big, not in length, but in width. I could totally go down a size. Should I make this sock’s mate the same size (big) so they match or should I make it in the more fitted size (small) and have two socks that aren’t the same?

Also, I have not washed the sock. Should I wash it first to see how it behaves before knitting hte second sock?

ps…the colors of this sock are wrong, but I have a hard time with my camera getting the right color. The colors are Purple (like a neon purple) and Orange (think lava) with a very small amount of browns/blues/grays, and black. This sock is so stunning. I really need to spend some time tomorrow trying to get an accurate picture.



February 22, 2006

Top left corner is the jaywalker sock I have turned the heel and am about to start the gusset. The forest parade knitpicks came in so I can finally finish those other jaywalkers I am working on. Yep, that is more sock yarn, after all if I am going to pay a mere $2 in shipping, I have to spread it around, ha ha. Top corner is dye your own!

The center, bottom purple yarn is my first spun yarn, it is 2 ply and is 3 ozs. The top purple one is the same, however my legs were starting to hurt (feel the burn, baby!) So, I asked my husband to spin the wheel and ply it for a sec while I took a break. I go and get some water. When I came back in the room he is obnoxiously abusing my wheel. It looked like he was riding a bike and the yarn was not spinning/plying together, instead being sucked in, it even broke. Man I wanted to smack him. Never let a man touch your spinning wheels, ladies. What was I thinking? So, the top isn’t ply’d very well and I think I am just going to leave it, not sure.

The answer to my science question is this…

The rhinovirus, or common cold virus, only binds to certain receptors that are in your nasal sinuses. If someone sneezes and then shakes your hand and you touch your eyes or nose you will increase your chance of getting the virus. This is why it is good to wash your hands. However, if someone just sneezed in your food, you would not get the virus. In addition, if you were to lick your carpet, more than likely there is nothing there that would give you an infectious disease. So, as much as we can’t stand germs a diry floor isn’t going to kill you.

One last thing, I learned in my anatomy class that your tear glands are actually in your eyelids. The tears wash across your eyes to the corner of your eyes where they drain into your ducts. The ducts are connected to your nasal sinuses. Have you ever cried so hard you couldn’t breath out of your nose? This is why. This is also why if you shake the hand of someone who has the cold virus on their hands and then you rub your eye you can get the cold virus.

What did you learn from my mini lesson, besides that you can lick carpet and be safe?

1. Frequent Handwashing is good. Anti-bacterial soaps won’t make a difference as we are talking about the common cold virus. Normal soap will work fine.

2. Don’t touch your nose or eyes.


Random thoughts…

February 20, 2006

I joined the Science Knits Blog Ring, and I am sure you all know why…

Science question of the week:

Q: If a person who is infected with the common cold viruses sneezes on your food and you eat it, how likely is it that you will get the common cold from those germs?

A: I will answer this in a day or so…

What about my projects? Well…let’s see…..

1. The green jaywalker…is on hold…I ran out of yarn and am waiting for my order from knitpicks. I am really close to finishing these, though.

2. The clapotis in the sari yarn…is on hold…as when I was working on it the yarn just seemed to dusty to work with. So, I might let it sit in a drawer for awhile, I don’t know. I know I can wash the yarn and I might do that whenever I find some time.

3. Ribbed Pullover in Iceland Tidepool….is on hold…I got up to the yoke and ran out of yarn. I am waiting on one place to see if they are going to get it for me (I am assuming they will say they can’t) and then I will have to go with plan B. I am not sure what plan B is….yet. This is actually sad that it isn’t finished as it was such an easy knit.

4. Purple Midnight Jaywalkers…I am to the heel of the first sock. I work on this when I am in the car (passenger) or have a few minutes to spare here and there. I am not in a rush to finish this. I have decided it is nice to have a portable project.

5. Angelica Tunic (err…blob) – Well, as you remember I had a problem counting…I went over my numbers and couldn’t understand the problem. I figured I must have miscounted somewhere. I frogged it (all 20 rows of shaping…sigh…) and started the shaping round again. I got around the first round and came to the conclusion…well…I don’t think it is me that is off. I emailed the designer and hopefully she will have some insight on what I should do. There is a 4 stitch discrepency that is bugging me. I keep rereading the pattern, thinking it is my mistake because if you have been an avid reader you will realize I do make mistakes. (Apparantly though I am not the only one in the knitblogging world that forgot the knit row in the jaywalker socks…so I don’t feel too bad.) I do have an idea what I should do, so I am not that pattern dependent that I can’t finish, but I do think it is a good idea that I emailed her so if it is a pattern mistake she can correct it.

So, I guess that means I will just play with my new toy. I do have a story about it…

Yesterday Tony puts the wheel together for me while I am studying for my test. After I take the tests I sit down at the wheel and start to figure it out. Now, the wheel only came with instructions on how to put it together. Unfortunately there were no instructions on how to use it. Luckily, though Tony has a photographic memory and remembers everything the lady at Stitches West did when she set up the wheel. I was too excited at the time that I have no recollection of the things she turned or anything.

I get some cotton thread and tie it on the bobbin and I thread it through the loops on the side and into the orifice. I remember reading on Joy of Handspinning’s website that you will need to adjust the tension. So I keep asking Tony what the tension is and why I need to adjust it. He keeps shaking his head and standing over me, almost demanding me to spin.

So, I start spinning and the yarn sucks into the orifice and breaks….wah! Tony turns this nob. “Why are you doing that?” I ask him. He tells me that is what the woman did. Of course, he is turning it the wrong way and so I start spinning again and the yarn sucks even faster into the orifice and breaks….UGH! He goes to turn it again…”Stop turning that!”

I ask him why he set that nob to where it was. He tells me it is how it should be because it is exactly at the spot the woman had it. Finally, I make him sit down and leave me to my wheel alone. You see, I learn by doing. I don’t learn by remembering what something looked like when someone else did it.

After loosening the nob I finally found the “tension” that it should be for me. I then realized that as the bobbin gets more yarn spun on it I do need to tighten the tension a bit to help suck the yarn in.

That was my little spinning lesson yesterday. (One of them….) I still have a hard time understanding how something so expensive comes without a user manual. That just doesn’t seem right.

ps….How did sleeping beauty prick her finger on a spindle? They show her with the spinning wheel, but I don’t get the “prick” part…now where on my spinning wheel is a needle. Is this odd or what?


A good spin!

February 20, 2006

Isn’t it pretty? I spun 4 ozs and filled the bobbin. Good thing I have more bobbins! I am not doing too badly. The yarn is overspun. It is mostly a sportweight to fingering weight. However, there are some really thing (like string) and thicker areas. I figured out the tension thing and overall all am completely satisfied. It is 100 times easier to spin on a wheel then a spindle. This roving that I spun is a merino/tussah silk blend. It is very soft. Sierra picked out the color, purple (her favorite.)

What happened to studying for my Anatomy test? Well, I went ahead and took it to get it out of the way. I got a 96% on the “lecture” part of it and 95% on the lab. I am currently getting a 98% in the class. Woot!


Stitches West

February 19, 2006

Today, I woke up late and Tony asked me if I was going to go. He said he would drive me, so we all piled in the car and got there around 1pm. Yarn, yarn everywhere! I have never seen that much yarn ever. It costed us $12 to get in, the kids were free. I didn’t go to any classes as really I just had one little purpose of being there that I haven’t shared with anyone (well, except Tony.)

I stopped by and said hi to Annelle, who remembered me and my family. She gave me a coupon for her shop, which expires in June, so I will be able to visit her shop, Mendocino Yarn Shop before then.

I admit it, I fondled a lot of fiber! Also, I know you won’t believe this, but I won one of the door prizes. I told you I have been a winner lately. Don’t hate me. I won a skein of Socks that Rock and a sock pattern. They were out of most of their colors, but I did find an earthy color that I think I will like. I bought a 550 yard hank of merino wool yarn from Interlacements. It was on sale there and was such a deal.

So, I am on cloud nine, but the real reason has to do with the box and all of the roving on top of the box. Do you see the box. I like the box. The box makes me very, very happy. Do you know what is in the box? Sorry I am a braggart.

I have a huge test either tonight or tomorrow. (My online anatomy class….) How can I study when I got the box? ps…all of that roving was thrown in with my box. I cannot wait!

I had such a good time today. Did you go? If you did, did you see me in my bright pink sleeveless shirt and black pants and my 2 kids and hubby in tow? I think I was the only one there with kids. I tried looking for people, but everyone kept smiling at me and I kept thinking, do they “know” me or is everyone just really happy around all of this yarn? I think they were smiling at the kids.

My reason behind going to Stitches West was to try out a spinning wheel. I am so much better at a spinning wheel than a drop spindle. It was so easy for me. (Will I be eating these words later?)

Well, I have to go study. Tony is going to put the Lendrum together and then hopefully I will get to play with it tonight.