February 3, 2006

Just to post something interesting and craft related. Do you like pooling? I actually do like pooling because I think it makes the garment unique. I have a feeling I am in the minority, though. I would love to hear comments.

This isn’t pooling (yet,) but isn’t it pretty? It is that Berocco Cotton Twist I was telling you about. It is so shiny, which makes it difficult to photograph. It reminds me of silk, yet it breathes as it is a Cotton/rayon blend. I am in love with it. Has anyone used this? Does it wash well?


  1. ::raises hand:: Oh, oh! Me, me!! I like pooling, too!

  2. I love pooling! I just crocheted a cover for an eye pillow, and it looks almost tartan-y. And the best thing is, it’s for a non-fibre person, so she’ll think I did something tricky to make it do that 😉

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