Angelica again

February 7, 2006

I am still knitting on it. It is going to take a total of 12 balls of yarn. I have used 4. Apparently, I am knitting a ball of yarn a day, so I will not be finished with this until sometime next week. Darn school/homework and kids/family keeps getting in the way of my yarn time.

A few things I have thought were interesting topics this week.

The first was in regards to posting pictures of gifts on your blog and if that is appropriate or if it is just in your face, rude. Well, I think if someone sends something to me and I don’t acknowledge it on my blog then it might be considered rude to that sender. I go through periods of getting stuff and then not and you know what, I send out a lot of stuff, too. Is it yarn karma? I don’t know. It is fun though. The problem is that to the true fiber addicts getting yarn is almost as exciting as using it (and for some, maybe more so.) It is your blog, post what you want. I know I am going to. If I don’t like that you are getting prettier yarn than me, then I can go wallow in my own pitiful yarn.

If you post something of personal nature on your blog and I don’t feel like reading it, I won’t. I will just skip down to the pretty pictures or go read another blog. I hope you will do the same to mine. If you want to get to know me and don’t mind reading about my personal junk, cool. If not, just move a long and come back tomorrow, I will have something crafty then. We are all humans and some like to share more of the human side than others. I did end up deleting the post about my husband, not because I am embarrassed but because I didn’t want some archival machine picking it up and saving it for a million years for me to remember 10 years down the road. Hopefully that will be worked out by then.

Finally, I knit/crochet/craft what I like. If I like the most popular item in the whole knit blog world, then I will knit it. I am not driven by what is popular, but am driven by what I like. Sometimes I like what is popular. Heck, I wear blue jeans daily and I know those are popular. I don’t have the skill to venture into the unknown knitting world. I wouldn’t know how to change a pattern to make it better and I have no foresight to see if a pattern is going wrong. If it does, I go wrong with it. Heck, a few days ago was the first time I put in a lifeline. Prior to that I would have frogged the whole thing. I am in awe of those who go off the beaten path in the crafting world. I have to admit I am highly attracted to those blogs.

Periodically in life we all look around at each other looking for approval, yet inside we wish we didn’t have to and could just be accepted for who we are.

Finally, there are those who live pretty relaxed lives without drama, while there are other people who invite or create drama constantly in their real life and online life. Ultimately, it is how you react to your environment that controls which type of person you are.



  1. Well said! We are not one-dimensional people. I love reading about other aspects of a knitter’s life – kids, husbands, other hobbies, etc. I also love to see yarny goodies – so post away!

  2. I have to agree, very well said! I enjoy reading your blog because you are who you are. 🙂

  3. I also agree. I enjoy reading your blog, so keep posting.

  4. Wow. I hope no one has been down on you about your blog. …which would be silly, since it is your blog and you can do anything you please with it…

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