Why I learned it…

February 7, 2006

It is getting bigger, see? I am using too small of a cable, so it is really gathered right where I am knitting at and you can’t really tell what it looks like because it pulls.

One reason I am making something for myself is because of this:

Everything that I make for the kids ends up pulled out of the closet and somehow gets piled at the bottom of the stairs. I don’t know why this phenomenon occurs, but it does. Odd.

Here is a little story on how/why I learned to crochet and then knit….

Back in college I was lonely and wanted to learn to crochet to take up some of my time. Well, I only got to the chain part and couldn’t decipher the stupid book to figure out the rest. However, like the crafty packrat that I am, I moved the 2 balls of yarn and hooks with me to the various houses I lived in, and even into another state, for over 10 years.

A few months before Sierra was born a friend of mine “crocheted” a blanket for Sierra as a baby gift. It was gorgeous purple and white. I tried taking pictures of it, but it is shiny and purple and with my bad lighting, I can never get a good photo. I asked her what stitch and she didn’t know. She told me her sister only taught her how to crochet that one stitch and she made the blanket that way. I asked her to teach me, but we were too busy (I had the baby) and then I moved.

(blanket in bad lighting)

Sierra slept with that blanket from birth. It was perfect. I never had to worry about her suffocating under the blanket as it had holes to breath. It was bigger than any of the receiving blankets she had and was softer than any of the quilts. I wrapped Sierra in it many, many times. When she got to be about 15 months old, she started to pull the yarn on the blanket.

She pulled and pulled and one morning I saw this super long (6 foot) length of looped yarn pulled out of the blanket (but still attached.) I worried Sierra would strangle herself with it as children love to try to commit suicide (*note right here that toddler suicide attempts should be a whole other post for a later day.) I put the blanket in a drawer determined to learn to crochet so I could fix the blanket.

So, I bought a book and a hook and I chained. Then, I finally learned single crochet, and that is all I knew. At this time I worked with a lady who crocheted. I started to bring a hook and yarn to work (we were customer service reps) and I had her show me some stuff. I found out that I was pulling the yarn too tight and I was pulling it with the wrong hand, when I should have been using the hook. She taught me how to make a simple granny square with double crochet. This was all about 2 years ago. I never quite figured out how to read a pattern until about a year and a half ago. It was at this time that my learning curve went from barely learning crochet to very confident about my crochet work. I am not an expert, I still consider myself at an intermediate level.

(here is the blanket’s true color)

Last summer I learned to knit. I started off with a simple purse, knit flat and then assembled with a crochet hook. I learned to knit because I was not happy with making crocheted garments for myself. I wanted to knit socks. I wanted to knit Klaralund. I wanted to knit soakers that I could embroider for Madeleine. I didn’t learn to knit to replace crocheting, although sometimes in my mind I wonder if I will end up preferring one over the other and honestly I love crochet so much I would almost feel like I am betraying it, like I betrayed quilting. So, don’t ask me to choose. I have decided that knitting, crocheting, and quilting are each one of my children. You cannot ask me to choose one child over the other. I do have goals to bring knitting together with crocheting in some designs (one day…..in my dream world where time is not a factor.)

So, back to Sierra’s blanket. Periodically, I would pull the blanket out and look at it and I had no idea what stitch it was. First the stitches went one way, then the other. They reminded me of slip stitches…Definitely not sc, hdc, dc, or tc. Well, now that I know how to knit, I have realized the blanket was probably knitted. It is not crocheted (that i can tell.)

(bad lighting, but it shows good stitch definition)

The whole reason I learned to crochet was to “fix” the blanket that was said to be crocheted, but was actually knitted. No, I still haven’t fixed the blanket. I honestly do not know how to take in 6 feet of a pulled loop. One day (again, one of those days that really don’t exist in my life) when I am bored (yeah, like I have ever been bored…ha ha) I will stare at the blanket and try to pull the loop back into it. Or, maybe I should just leave it as is…the blanket that could have strangled my daughter that has brought me to blog about it and my craft, today.

okay…so that wasn’t a “little” story…..yep, I am trying to get out of studying…you can tell?



  1. Go study girl, you can blog when you are done.

    You could always frog the blanket and remake it. *wicked evil grin*

  2. I liked that story Wendy! Ain’t it weird how life works sometimes?

    I feel the same about my crafts or dare I say arts….I don’t wanna pick one. When I finally can wrap my mind around knitting I feel I will totally be unstoppable! que superhero music..

    Now go study, come back refreshed and tell more stories…please

  3. I admire people that can do both crochet and knit! I tried my hand at knitting but didn’t get too far. I think I need a specific project to get me jump started. Maybe a little purse…

    Lovely story! Craft on!

  4. If the blanket doesn’t look totally wonky, you could always cheat and “weave in the ends”. It could take a *very* long time to work 6 feet of yarn back into that blanket. I have done several inches at a time and it is time consuming.

  5. Kari,omg…frogging the blanket. I never thought of that. That is wicked.

    Cordelia, I have a feeling you will be knitting like a superhero in no time!

    Sue, you make piecing afghans look easy-peasy. Maybe if you watched the knittinghelp.com videos it might help you with knitting. That is how I learned.

    Amy, now that is an idea! I almost had one of those d’oh moments when I read this as it almost seemed so obvious, yet I didn’t see it. I could just cut the yarn and weave in the ends. The blanket really doesn’t look wonky.

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