More Progress

February 10, 2006

I am working away on Angelica. I have used 6 balls of yarn, so am half way done (ps…if I weighed less I would need less yarn, which would mean I would have a higher budget for more yarn. Knitting larger women’s clothing takes a lot of yarn!) I am almost past the body shaping and then it is 30 rows of knitting….gasp! By the way, I have 2 questions:

1. I had to buy 2 balls of yarn that are a different dye lot than the other 10 I am using. The orange is a little bit lighter. Where should I put these balls? Honestly, I don’t want to do every other row or something to that degree. I was thinking I should put them on the bottom of the sweater. What would you do? Sleeves?

2. I need a button for this baby. Any suggestions on a cute button? What about a silverish butterfly or something? Any websites with cool buttons?

Finally, (and if you hate to see yarn and other people’s goody brags, then just turn away now.) I won deneens blog contest. (I have to admit that I was totally a greedy goose when I entered it. I really love and wanted the fulled Marvelous Mini-tote.) As fate would have it, I won. It is so gorgeous. It is a blue wool yarn, but periodically has some other colors in it. It is very soft, too. I need to find out what yarn she made the bag out of.

I got 2 stitch markers that are so pretty I think I am going to wear them as earrings on occassions. My ears can’t handle anything but gold, but sometimes I can make an exception for a small period of time. It is utilitarian, right? Stitch markers by day, earrings by night… I can’t help it, they are austrian crystal and are so sparkly.

I also got 440 yards of wool, dyed by Deneen and a cute card. I love the colors and will probably rewind the hank to see how the colors look together and then decide what to make with it. How awesome is all of that? Thanks Deneen!

By the way, there have been some nice comments on how I am able to progress so quickly on projects with 2 kids, school, etc…so, here is my secret….sh….don’t tell anyone…..I don’t do much housework. There, I said it. Tony does a lot of it. It has been this way because most housework bothers my back. Of course, lately since my back is better I probably could do more, but then my yarn projects would go to the wayside….sigh….so if you come over unexpectedly on Wednesday you will see dishes sitting on the counters and shoes under the table and socks on the floor. We do trade off dishes and I do the cooking and the laundry, but I don’t do floors and I am not obsessive about having every little thing in its place. I can live with the clutter and then do mass cleanup before company comes. Sad, but true. I did have a New Years Resolution to change this, but hey those are meant to be broken, right?



  1. Glad you liked everything! The bag is made from Paton’s Denim Marl with a thin strand of multi-colored cotton yarn throughout in spots.

    The stitch markers, errr earrings are silverplated, so you can put some clear nailpolish on them, let them dry and your ears should be fine (sensitive ears also).

  2. My hubby takes up a lot of my housekeeping slack too 😉 It’s mostly bc of back issues, but partly just that I can live with a little bit less neatness than he can lol. I think it’s that Navy training he’s got lol.

    I’m liking how Angelica is looking! I’d probably use those two balls on the sleeves, probably less noticable there, I’d think anyway. I wouldn’t want to have to deal with lots of changes to make them blend into the body.

    No button ideas, sorry!

    Love the yarn you won! Very pretty!!

  3. Wonderful gifties!

    I was going to suggest you alternate the ball of yarn every other row (but you nipped that idea – smile), so I would use the different dye lot on the sleeves. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

  4. Hey what is more important, less clutter or a relaxed, happy, healthy mommy. I am leaning toward the happy mommy;)
    It is coming along nicely and I agree with using the different dye lot on the arms. I think adding it to the bottom will look more like a boo-boo but the arms will look you did that on purpose. Just my two cents!

  5. Your sweater looks lovely and cheerful. For the mismatched balls of yarn, ideally you’d mix it up between rows. But since that’s a no-go how about dividing it up evenly between the hem and each cuff? It may balance things out. Or maybe not. LOL. As for a button, how about a wood one? Like a light colored wood? Oooo, or how about a glass one? Yes, like milk glass. Very retro. It’d be awesome, but you have to be careful not to break it.

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