Happy :)

February 18, 2006

Today was an odd day. I felt like my skin crawled today. I didn’t study and I didn’t touch yarn. I didn’t even watch tv. It was freakishly cold here. It was in the 70’s last weekend. It is suppose to be a high of barely 50 degrees this weekend. Boohoo, right? Well, a 20 degree drop in this area of the country is very noticeable and I wonder if that is why I have felt kind of ooky. I have lived in much colder, being that I use to live in Missoula, MT. I know what 40 below with windchill feels like. Did you know that I don’t really own a good jacket? I use to. I outgrew it (in a bad way) and since I live in Cali, never needed to replace it. I have a polar fleece thing, no big deal.

Another reason is I haven’t taken my thyroid medicine in about a month. It has to do with my insurance switch and hopefully that will be resolved this weekend. I notice it big time, though. I have been having a hard time staying awake all week and have really felt out of it. That could also be because of my short 4 hours bouts of sleep. (This is how I originally noticed I had a problem and went to the doctor. I was only sleeping 4 hours at night and then had to take a 4 hour nap during the day. I felt fatigued/exhausted all of the time.)

Madeleine will not stop eating. She had lost about 4 pounds from being sick and is trying to frantically put it back on. She has been eating twice as much as Sierra. I guess that is what you do when you literally starve for 5 days straight. My baby has her groove back. Don’t let that angel face fool you. đŸ˜‰

I received some Shea Butter from Deneen. I love it. Sierra and I rubbed it all over our dry spots, elbows and fingers. We both liked the smell of it. It was shipped to me fast!

I ordered a hook from Jimbo. It was already in his inventory, #9. It is a toothbrush grip hook and I cannot wait to play with it.

I also received 2 balls of Alpaca yarn from the Amy! I won them in her blog contest. Thanks! I love the blue, it is so vibrant. I have some bulky Alpaca yarn and I think I am going to combine the 2 and make a blue striped scarf with the Alpaca’s.

Remember this top? I made it for Madeleine at the end of the summer. Well, apparently Sierra likes it too. We house moused it today and she is wearing play clothes and decided to put the tank top over them. It made her very happy. She was doing a little dance No school yesterday, today, and Monday…I am enjoying the time with her. They have such happy pure spirits. I can’t ever hug them enough.



  1. I can’t feel sorry for you about the weather, it was 50 here yesterday and supposed to be 29 here today-ick!

    Elena eats like crazy after she’s sick like that, makes up for all that was missed.

    Glad you liked the shea buttah. I just finished a batch of Ylang-Ylang that is wonderful!

    The alpaca is gorgeous!

  2. We’re at 17 and has been that temp all day, plus we got over an inch of snow they said we weren’t going to get!
    I can so relate to the thyroid med. I hope you can get it resolved soon as long term NOT being on it can really mess with you, I went two years and asm still paying for it with longterm health probs because of it.

    I would say that is probably why you have felt this way.

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