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February 20, 2006

I joined the Science Knits Blog Ring, and I am sure you all know why…

Science question of the week:

Q: If a person who is infected with the common cold viruses sneezes on your food and you eat it, how likely is it that you will get the common cold from those germs?

A: I will answer this in a day or so…

What about my projects? Well…let’s see…..

1. The green jaywalker…is on hold…I ran out of yarn and am waiting for my order from knitpicks. I am really close to finishing these, though.

2. The clapotis in the sari yarn…is on hold…as when I was working on it the yarn just seemed to dusty to work with. So, I might let it sit in a drawer for awhile, I don’t know. I know I can wash the yarn and I might do that whenever I find some time.

3. Ribbed Pullover in Iceland Tidepool….is on hold…I got up to the yoke and ran out of yarn. I am waiting on one place to see if they are going to get it for me (I am assuming they will say they can’t) and then I will have to go with plan B. I am not sure what plan B is….yet. This is actually sad that it isn’t finished as it was such an easy knit.

4. Purple Midnight Jaywalkers…I am to the heel of the first sock. I work on this when I am in the car (passenger) or have a few minutes to spare here and there. I am not in a rush to finish this. I have decided it is nice to have a portable project.

5. Angelica Tunic (err…blob) – Well, as you remember I had a problem counting…I went over my numbers and couldn’t understand the problem. I figured I must have miscounted somewhere. I frogged it (all 20 rows of shaping…sigh…) and started the shaping round again. I got around the first round and came to the conclusion…well…I don’t think it is me that is off. I emailed the designer and hopefully she will have some insight on what I should do. There is a 4 stitch discrepency that is bugging me. I keep rereading the pattern, thinking it is my mistake because if you have been an avid reader you will realize I do make mistakes. (Apparantly though I am not the only one in the knitblogging world that forgot the knit row in the jaywalker socks…so I don’t feel too bad.) I do have an idea what I should do, so I am not that pattern dependent that I can’t finish, but I do think it is a good idea that I emailed her so if it is a pattern mistake she can correct it.

So, I guess that means I will just play with my new toy. I do have a story about it…

Yesterday Tony puts the wheel together for me while I am studying for my test. After I take the tests I sit down at the wheel and start to figure it out. Now, the wheel only came with instructions on how to put it together. Unfortunately there were no instructions on how to use it. Luckily, though Tony has a photographic memory and remembers everything the lady at Stitches West did when she set up the wheel. I was too excited at the time that I have no recollection of the things she turned or anything.

I get some cotton thread and tie it on the bobbin and I thread it through the loops on the side and into the orifice. I remember reading on Joy of Handspinning’s website that you will need to adjust the tension. So I keep asking Tony what the tension is and why I need to adjust it. He keeps shaking his head and standing over me, almost demanding me to spin.

So, I start spinning and the yarn sucks into the orifice and breaks….wah! Tony turns this nob. “Why are you doing that?” I ask him. He tells me that is what the woman did. Of course, he is turning it the wrong way and so I start spinning again and the yarn sucks even faster into the orifice and breaks….UGH! He goes to turn it again…”Stop turning that!”

I ask him why he set that nob to where it was. He tells me it is how it should be because it is exactly at the spot the woman had it. Finally, I make him sit down and leave me to my wheel alone. You see, I learn by doing. I don’t learn by remembering what something looked like when someone else did it.

After loosening the nob I finally found the “tension” that it should be for me. I then realized that as the bobbin gets more yarn spun on it I do need to tighten the tension a bit to help suck the yarn in.

That was my little spinning lesson yesterday. (One of them….) I still have a hard time understanding how something so expensive comes without a user manual. That just doesn’t seem right.

ps….How did sleeping beauty prick her finger on a spindle? They show her with the spinning wheel, but I don’t get the “prick” part…now where on my spinning wheel is a needle. Is this odd or what?



  1. Sounds like fun!
    Sleeping Beauty’s finger prick was from an older version of a spindle (think about how old that tale is). They must have evolved in that time. 🙂

  2. Science question: I recall that by adulthood the typical person has had about 100 different rhinoviruses, however, I believe the common cold is not transmitted through the digestive system. It must enter through the mucous membranes of the nose, eyes—that the virus is inhaled into the lungs, so I say you won’t get sick if you eat the food, but would you really want to after someone sneezes on it?

    As for the spinning question, fairy tales were full of sexual symbology and ideas, so perhaps the pricking of her finger is well, symbolic of her losing her virginity. She is “pricked” (prick being slang for penis) and she bleeds (symbolic of the hymen being ruptured). Now, why she falls into a sleep and must be awoke by the prince…that part I don’t yet have figured out. I’m still searching to find the frog thing!

  3. Oooooh, have fun spinning!

  4. Sleeping Beauty got pricked by the spinning wheel because many of the old wheels have a pointed stick or metal spindle that sticks out which the yarn winds onto. Walking Wheels have that. If you google that you will probably find a picture. Congrats on your new wheel! I’m just north of you and in the process of shopping for a new wheel…it’s fun!

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