February 25, 2006

Finished 1 sock, so my question is…. (because I always seem to have one…)

This sock is a bit too big, not in length, but in width. I could totally go down a size. Should I make this sock’s mate the same size (big) so they match or should I make it in the more fitted size (small) and have two socks that aren’t the same?

Also, I have not washed the sock. Should I wash it first to see how it behaves before knitting hte second sock?

ps…the colors of this sock are wrong, but I have a hard time with my camera getting the right color. The colors are Purple (like a neon purple) and Orange (think lava) with a very small amount of browns/blues/grays, and black. This sock is so stunning. I really need to spend some time tomorrow trying to get an accurate picture.


  1. I just had this problem. I needed a half size so I went up a size, bad move. The sock was way too big. I made the other the same and decided to wash in hot water and tumble dry. Now, any time I don’t want something to shrink, it does. The socks stayed the same. I sent these to someone I know with big feet.

    The next pair I started, I went t=down to a size 8 (I wear an 8 1/2) and it fits like a glove. So my suggestion is to make the sock the same, RAOK them to someone who has wide feet!

    I also know now to go down a size instead of up.

  2. Looking good. 🙂 I say if the sock fits, wear it…even if you can’t get a shoe on over it. All the more sock to show off. 🙂 I would make the mate to match – you are less likely to run into trouble that way.

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