Tea Time – RAOK

February 28, 2006

I have been RAOK’d! Yesterday I went to the school to pick up a certified document for my school loans and to buy some scantrons for my test today. I had some time to spare before picking Sierra up from school and stopped into Tuesday Mornings. I saw a cute porcelain mini tea set and I kind of got nostalgic for when I was a kid and I use to play tea time with my school yard friends out in the grassy soccer field. The set was $20 and so I decided to not buy it and to talk to Tony about it later. I picked Sierra up from school and when I got home there was a box on my doorstep.

Surprised, because I have not ordered anything and the box seemed kind of big. Sierra and I opened it up with great enthusiasm and low and behold there was some small ceramic cups, a tea pot, napkin rings, plates, silverware…It was a miniature ceramic tea/dish set. I could not believe how I had just been looking at something similar and didn’t buy it and here it was in a box in front of me. Sierra and I went into her room and I unwrapped all of the dishes and let her play. I snuck back upstairs later and snapped this picture. Apparently Nala (or is it Simba?) is having tea with Bear.

Of course, later like any reckless almost 5 year old she started to clank the glasses around and broke the handle off one. Tony is going to superglue it tonight. I asked her why she did it and she told me she was just excited. I think I am going to have to monitor her a bit while she plays with these, hopefully she learned her lesson.

Thank you Carol! Your generosity is so appreciated and since today and yesterday has been so stormy here, this has been a pleasant, wonderful surprise!

Poor Bear looks hungry, huh?

Took big Micro test #2 and think I did okay. It was terribly hard and my brain feels like a fried egg. I hope I can settle down a bit tonight and maybe work on that Angelica tunic some more. I thought I was close to being finished but I guess I have a lot of hip rows to do and then onto the sleeves and then the neckline.

Also, we are having weird stormy weather today (and yesterday)….lots of wind and rain and I have a feeling soon will be hail.



  1. Yeah, it was pretty wild weather up here in Sacramento too. I was just getting into Spring when Mother Nature threw in a couple more weeks of Winter.

  2. You know, my mom got Elena a ceramic Pooh tea set and she accidently broke the handle right away too. I think they get excited and clank them together. I took it away for a little while, let her use the plastic set and brought it back out six months later and she’s much more careful.

  3. I hope tomorrow is brighter for you.


  4. cool tea set! I bet Sierra is thrilled.

    Sorry your back hurts, man that sucks. Are you going to see your doctor/surgeon again, soon?

    I think your angelica sweater is super cute…
    Love you!

  5. Nothing like surprises to brighten a stormy day!

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