Supersize me-sock

March 3, 2006

Okay, so the last jaywalker sock I did was big. The green pair I am working on have a problem. The problem started when I didn’t do the knit in between the rows. This caused a sharper zigzag and a smaller cuff of the sock. However, I was working the larger sock and the sock fits in that area so I continued to the heel.

The problem now is the heel is too big and so is the sock from this point on. It is just huge. I continued with the skip knit row and kept with the pattern portion, but I am still finding the sock just big in the foot. I started adding on more decrease rows, which is working after the arch of the foot, however I just see the sock as a failure for me and since it is a gift I want it to be more than just mediocre. Who wants a sock that is going to majorly bunch in the heel?

I have both of the socks done to the cuff. I think I have 2 solutions to this that I am willing to accept.

1. The first solution is to work the heel and foot part in a smaller needle and continue with the pattern that I have been doing.
2. The second solution is to frog the whole thing and either start the sock over in the correct pattern with a smaller amount of cast on stitches or to just do the sock in a completely different pattern.

What would you do? I hate all of this redoing. It really takes time away from other things.

I got a B on the huge test on Tuesday and I am pretty happy with that. I did make a few “stupid” mistakes, like circling AC on my exam, but only filling in the A bubble on the test…sigh. I think I might have gotten a low A if I would have focused more. For someone with my lack of attention it is really difficult to stay focused and you can probably see that with the writing on my blog. My brain just loves to skip words or leave them out our use words that sound like the words I was thinking in my head, but it isn’t the right word. It was a really hard test, though and not a lot of people got an A or a B, so overall I am happy. 🙂

I am also learning a lot. ***edited to add…In my lab class on Tuesday we soaked pieces of paper in different disinfectants/antiseptics and then streaked plates with different types of bacteria and fungus to see if the disinfectants/antiseptics did there job of preventing microbial growth. When I say an item sucks below it means that the disinfectant/antiseptic did not prevent microbial growth.

Listerine sucks…don’t use it, it doesn’t prevent bacteria from growing at all. Mr. Clean sucks also. It did not prevent bacterial growth or kill any bacteria. Pinesol is okay at full strength it prevented growth of 2 of the bacterias we used, but diluted did nothing, you might as well just mop with plain water…and we all use the diluted kind, right? Roccal prevented growth from S.aureus, E. coli, Pseudomonas, and S. cerevisiae. Garlic is good, it also prevented growth from 2 of the bacterias and even the fungi we used. I dare you to clean your kitchen with garlic….just do it, ha ha. Prevecare (antimicrobial hand lotion) isn’t super effective. It only limited 1 bacteria and fungi. By the way, regular bar soap prevents bacterial growth…bet you didn’t know that!

I think I want to go in the lab on my own time and test some natural antiseptics like lavender oil and tree tea oil and see if they truly don’t allow bacteria or fungi growth. My teacher is cool with stuff like this and maybe if I do this he will allow some extra credit.

I have been feeling like because I hold a differing viewpoint about a lot of things that I will eventually alienate myself from many of the friends that I have. I really like that people can be different and get along, but sometimes I feel there is a pressure to fit in or to change myself so that I will think more like everyone else. Yet, I can’t. I must be hormonal and starting to be hard on myself. One of my New Year’s resolutions was to be nicer to myself and I think this is partly what I am talking about. It is okay that I am not of the same mind as everyone else. I need to accept my differences and not obsess that people aren’t going to like me because of them. It is a hard thing. Now I am just rambling. Gotta run.

Think about my sock problem. I need some good suggestions here.



  1. I’d totally love to see what your results are if you do end up testing the natural substances. Great idea!!

  2. Oh you REALLY should give us more info besides “Mr Clean sucks.” WHY does it suck? What about the erasors, have any inside information on them?

    I use vinegar and water to clean around the house. I’d love to know if it’s actually killing anything.

    BTW, love your blog! I really want to learn how to knit socks. But I guess I should learn how to KNIT first, huh? Lol…

  3. Okay, I did edit the post to add more about the experiment. I will look in my microbiology book to see if it talks about vinegar. I think it might help because it is an acid, but since you dilute it with water you probably aren’t killing much. Bleach products work really good.

  4. Interesting stuff! I am also interested in hearing about your findings of the natural substances, if you do it. All sounds fun and intriging (sp?)!

    I also know what you mean about focusing on one thing at time. When your mind moves so fast with thoughts, it can be hard to focus.

    Anyways, have a good day and very nice weekend!

  5. FROG IT! FROG IT! FROG IT! Or don’t. It is really up to you, right? If I knew anything at all about knitting, I would give you advice, but I don’t…just wanted to say frog it, cause it sounds good.

    UH You know what? I think that the thinking on your own and not being like-minded runs in the family. I am constently outside the norm in my thinking, whether it be at home or work. And the funny thing is, I LOVE that about myself (and you). People who disagree can think what they want, I really don’t give a shit. I was recently called borderline insubbordinate at work, it was pretty funny, because I was just telling them that the way they were doing something did not make sense and that there has got to be a better way. They (my bosses) got upset because I voiced that opinion in front of all the other staff, who were (supposedly) giving me looks. I later found out that what I was saying was correct and that all the other employees were thinking along the same lines, but were afraid to voice their opinions. Funny thing is my bosses never thought that people could disagree with them, or do you think they were upeset because really they knew what they were doing didn’t make sense and all I did was point out the flaw? Oh well, and you know what I won’t change that about me because I like that part of me too much.

    As for you experiment, I too would like to know it tea tree oil kills, so go for it! I would also be interested to know if any hand sanitizer products do work…do I see a future sciece project for someone, that would be interesting, eh?

  6. You don’t need hand sterilizer. Bar soap will work. 🙂

  7. being a newbie sock knitter, i really have no advice. but thanks for the bacteria-fighting info. eeeeek!

    thanks for visiting my blog! come back soon!

  8. I’d say frog the sock, Wendy. As much as I hate redoing stuff too, I think you’ll be happy starting over in the long run.

    I admire people that think independently. I fall into that category myself. It seems like the older I get, the less I care about what others think and what they’re doing. It seems a great deal of time is spent copying the in-crowd, but is it what they really want or do they want to stay ‘in favor’? Forget that!

    I think you’ll find that there are lots of people that think independently as well, but they’re just secure enough to be quietly content about it. 🙂

  9. Count me as another interested party =) I can’t wait to hear how your trial of natural substances goes! Here’s a question, what about the Lysol spray stuff that claims to kill 99% of bacteria or whatever? I don’t use it, but know lots of people who swear by it.

    I’d probably frog the sock. If for no other reason than that I’d probably never wear them if one doesn’t fit perfectly, so it’d be a waste of yarn not to frog and re start.

  10. Stupid socks!
    You don’t have to think like others, just agree to disagree. *shrug*

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