March 5, 2006

Can someone tell me how many calories I can eat to lose weight? I have read so many different things. The one thing I recently read is to just eat 500 calories per day less than normal. However, I think my diet fluctuates too much and I want something a little bit more accurate. Although, if this is true it would explain why years ago I was able to run all of my weight off and never dieted. Running burns a lot of calories and if all I had to do was eat the same and burn off 500 calories less than normal to lose that is the least I was doing. I cannot run so I must work on my diet.

I have searched the internet and I found several different formulas. One has me eating 3000 calories per day. One has me eating 1800 calories per day. That is a big difference between the two. I would like to eat the most calories and still lose weight.

Do you know the magic formula? Post it here!

I did finish the body to Angelica and decided….”What the hell was I thinking using varigated yarn on my body type?” The dizzying effect just makes me look fatter. I don’t know why but I am hoping sleeves will make me look better…(not likely.) I decided to withold my photo on this until I have the thing finished and then will decide.

I think I am going to frog the green socks to the top of the heel and then use a smaller needle. Wish me luck.

My secret pal sent me some gorgeous roving to spin! It is Sherwood Forest roving from Woven N Spun. I really want to spin it today, but I have a huge Microbiology lab test on Tuesday. The test is my first priority. It is tough being a student, but I must perservere.

I am thrilled that my readers like all of the Microbiology tidbits that I throw out. It is a really fun and sometimes mentally challenging class. I love it. I even told Tony if nursing doesn’t work out for me I will go into Microbiology.

One more little tidbit…If it is slimey (like if you have seen the last drop of milk in your cup start to grow those circular globs of slime?) it is bacteria. If it is fuzzy (like stuff that grows on food in your refrigerator) it is a mold (or fungi.) The mold on the top of the jam or the side of your cheese and be scooped/cut off and the food is still good.

(wow, I posted this to the wrong blog at first….)



  1. I found out how many calories I needed to maintain my current weight and then subtracted I would say about 300 calories from it. I am losing weight from the decrease. Even the week and half I didn’t work out, I had a 1 lb weight loss.
    I say that a 500 calorie reduction will result in weight loss but of course for maxinum weight loss, a healthy diet and any kind of excerise like walking are essential.
    But with no excerise and a 500 calorie reduction in a healthy diet will result in weight loss but it will be a slow process.
    I wish there was a magic number but everyone is different. We are pre-disposed to be a certain weight and our bodies work to achieve that weight. And the sad thing is as we age our metabolism slows down which does not help the fat fight.
    I am right here with you Wendy trying to loss weight. My goal is to lose 20 pounds before I get pregnant so I don’t have to worry about losing more baby weight gain.
    Good luck to you. I hope that I helped even a litle bit.

  2. From my diet-experiences I can tell you that things worked best for me when I had an intake of about 1400 calories per day. That is, added to some light exercise – naturally, the more you exercise, the more calories you can take in, as you already experienced when you’ve been running.
    I’m a pretty lazy person and hardly did any workout at all with that diet I mentioned, occasionally a bit of Yoga but not more, and things worked perfectly with that 1400 calories-intake. Of course everyone reacts differently, but perhaps that would be at least worth a try?
    All the best of luck with your diet, fingers crossed for you, and best wishes from Austria!

  3. Weight loss depends on why the weight is there in the first place. Starving yourself of calories may help you lose some weight, but is likely to put your body into survival mode which will actually harm your efforts and cause immediate back-sliding when you go over your set calories. This is why a lot of people end up gaining back what they’ve lost plus more.
    A lot of people are carrying around extra weight because they are building insulin-resistance. A low glycemic diet will keep your blood sugar level, help reverse insulin-resistance, curb the cravings that result in eating high glycemic food all the time, and have a side effect of weight loss. 🙂 Dr. Ray Strand at BioNutrition.org has a lot to say about insulin resistance and the low glycemic diet. His book, “Releasing Fat” was a real eye opener for me.
    I hope this helps in your search for answers. 🙂

  4. I remember filling out the form at http://deniseaustin.com/ and it said I needed something like 1,400 calories a day (I’m 5’4″ and was 225 lbs). I didn’t sign up for her program, but it was nice information to have.

    I have heard that for losing weight it’s 80/20. 80% is affected by food/20% is affected by exercise. I’ve also learned it’s calories in and calories out. Yes, you do need food to keep your body from “starvation mode”, but I’ve also learned that my body didn’t need all the food I was putting in it.

    I’ve been doing Weight Watchers since December and I’m having (at least I think so) wonderful results. I also realized that before WW, I was eating three times the amount of food a day that I needed. No wonder I was overweight!! If you can, give WW a try. I HIGHLY recommend it!

  5. Hi Wendy, Dane here (Angie’s husband).

    Though I don’t know the exact number of calories you should consume per day, I do know someone who does: http://www.roadtonutrition.com/ She’s a local, Modesto-based dietician.

    I would also recommend you check out http://www.diet-blog.com/ . It’s a dieting blog that I used to run, but I sold it to an Aussie in late 2004 and he’s done some great things with it and has developed quite a community.

    Good luck!

  6. Quick flashback from my microbiology days: Tell me what it means to be Gram positive/negative! Ha!

  7. Mike has always had a hard time dieting – never stuck w/ anything for more than a few weeks.

    He’s been doing Weight Watchers, though for about 5 months and he’s doing really well. The point system is really simple to use, but I think that most of all, him having to weigh in once a week is what is really motivating. I don’t think he would have stuck with it without those weekly meetings. I think he’s lost almost 30 pounds now.

  8. I dont know how much you shouldnt eat..Just remember when you get a craving for something to have just a little or you will over do it. I have learned that I just eat the same of everything and just leave a few bites on my plate and that helps take off some of the weight. Good luck.

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