2 Conferences, not enough money, honey…

March 7, 2006

I need to raise some money for this, Conference of Northern California Handweavers. I am not a weaver, but there is an alpaca spinning class and a yarn dyeing class I want to take. It is a little over $200 since I am not a member. Also, I need to sign up by the 15 of this month. Anyone want to sponser me? (ha ha, ya right!) I politely mentioned this to my mom and husband who both said, “cool, do it,” until I told them how much. I couldn’t really hint to my mom that it would make a nice birthday present (unless she reads this, ha ha…) I am still driving around with her birthday card (bad daughter) and haven’t finished her socks. Luckily, it is cold year round there, so sock in the summer is no big deal.

I also would like to raise money for this, the CGOA and TKGA Conference called The Knit and Crochet Show. I would love to take classes from Melissa Leapman.

The first one is my main goal. It is local and I really need to meet other spinners in my area and learn from other people. Plus, I am dyeing to take the dyeing class. It is the weekend after my birthday. Should I set up a send me to the weaving convention paypal button, donate $ to my birthday present, LOL?! Also, it is a weekend that is between the Spring Semester and Summer Semester (yes, I am going summer, too) so I won’t be preoccupied with school thought.

The second one would be fun but it is right before Finals and I doubt I will go anywhere that weekend.

I think I did okay on the lab test. I do have a little story about it. I will try to post it tonight after the kids are in bed. Let’s just say it sort of has to do with my last post about Gram Staining.


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