Men who “knit”…er…they mean Crochet

March 7, 2006

Men Who “Knit” Video

Here we go again…it is CROCHET, you know…with a hook! I do not understand that when the guys keep saying Crochet, the news anchor keeps saying knit. Either she can’t listen or she doesn’t really feel the need to really research what the heck she is reporting on.

Either way, I did think it was hot that guys were sitting there crocheting, especially the one with the pink blanket, ha ha! I wish my husband would do it. He actually was taught by his mom. Unlike video games it is a time suck that actually produces something.


  1. Yeah, it seemed like the reporter only knew knitting lingo.

    I think only having one person who knits/crochets in my house is a good thing — I like being the best knitter in the house! LOL

    Speaking of knitting and games…my husband sat down on top of the wool soaker I was working on while he was playing a computer game, totally oblivious. The soaker was clinging to life on the velcro of his back pocket. I was not amused.

  2. I tried to teach mike – but he *cannot* do it. His fingers look so big holding that little ole’ hook and he is just not very coordinated.

  3. I watched the video and that was the first I ever heard of “the curse” regarding making something for a BF or GF. I guess us crocheters don’t have that? I’ve never heard the knitters I know talk about it.

    Interesting to note that two of the guys use (what I call) the pawing method of holding the hook, only one holding it like a pencil. I guess holding it like a pencil is too girly? Reminds me of the difference between how men & women hold a cigarette. Just something I noticed.

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