Not my crochet

March 7, 2006

I am enjoying the YouTube site. I ran across a video of a woman crocheting. First, off she is left handed. However, what I find more interesting about this is she pretty much moves the yarn and her work around the hook that is like a stationary object. It seems so difficult to me. I am always really fascinated how other people crochet (and knit.) I hold the hook the same way as she does, maybe with a bit more tilt and but with my right hand. I do not move the yarn/my work. I move the hook and the yarn is always stationary, holding tension.

By the way, what stitch is she doing? I thought at first it was a triple crochet stitch. I think I am wrong. I find it interesting the video is tagged knitting.

I am going to ask Tony if our video camera can upload images online. If so…woohoo…I foresee another hobby. I know my cell phone does, but it take forever to upload a video from my camera to my computer and the quality is poor.



  1. Looks like a triple crochet to me too.

  2. I have never seen anyone crochet like that.. and I agree that it looks like it would be harder.
    Looks like triple to me also.

  3. Hi Wendy, thanks for stopping in at my blog. I am loving my Lendrum! I am in Sac, Rancho Cordova really. You can email me at talindamood at hotmail and maybe we can connect. BTW, I crochet the same you describe yourself crocheting. Looked like that woman was doing triple crochet to me. I think lefties get left out in the cold and have to figure out whatever they can to adapt things to work for them, which is probably why it is different looking.

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