Goodies and a Marvelous Mini

March 10, 2006

I have received some goodies in the mail this week and I would like to take this time to send out a thank you!

My secret pal sent me roving from Woven N Spun. It is Sherwood Forest and is pictured here. Now that I am in between tests in my classes, I am taking the wheel out this weekend and I have a lot of spinning I would like to do. My secret pal is awesome. I can’t wait until the reveal so I know who she is.

I also received a package from Natalie. It was for winning her blog contest and I got 3 balls of knitpicks essential sock yarn in the color, grass. Thanks Natalie! Also, a very nice dark chocolate/truffle bar and some fruit leathers (that are not pictured because the kids ate one and I put the other two up for later this weekend for them….they love those…how did you know?)

I haven’t finished a project it seems like in ages. So, last night I decided to crochet the Marvelous Mini Bag, a pattern from Deneen. Then, today I gave a demonstration to my mother’s club yarn group on how to felt/full a bag. Only a few people showed up and the demonstration didn’t work as I hoped because when I put the bag in the pillow case it didn’t felt. Now, this is interesting because Deneen talked about having problems with this several months ago.

So, I took the bag out of the pillow case and washed it with my towels (I figured any fibers that came off the bag would stick to the towels and not clog my washer and later come off in the lint trap in my dryer.) The second wash, the brown (Patons Merino) part of the bag fulled perfectly, but the blue (which is a Wool of the Andes) still showed a lot of stitch definition. So, I ran it through a third time. The third time really felted the brown and the blue was better, but not as good as the brown.

Now, the second time I washed it the bag was the exact same size as the one Deneen made and sent me. The third time I washed it, the bag shrunk a little bit smaller than Deneen’s. However, if you notice in the picture, the bag Deneen sent me is not as fulled/felted as much as the brown is. In fact, my keys can fit through some of the stitches. Don’t misunderstand this post. I love, love, love the bag Deneen sent me. I use it every day as my purse. This is funny because I never much carried a purse. At first I thought I would use her bag to just put projects in, like my portable project bag. This wasn’t good enough though, because I love the bag and the blue. I noticed my wallet, keyes, phone and lotion all fit in the little bag perfectly. The handle fits my hand perfect.

Okay, back to the brown bag. As I was crocheting it I loved the brown with the ocean blue. Pre felted, I loved the colors. However, now that it is fulled I am not sure I like the colors together.

By the way, what is it? Felted or Fulled? I don’t know if I am using the correct terminology.

Deneen’s pattern was fast and easy. I was a bit complexed when I got to the handle. My numbers and her numbers were different, so I just changed the stitches to what I thought was right and moved on. I have seen that several people have worked her pattern and so maybe there is something that I missed. I don’t know. It doesn’t matter as I am finished and the bag is perfect! Thanks Deneen for sharing this pattern. Deneen, I hope you are feeling better. 🙂

Oh, and I used Jimbo’s hook and it is AWESOME! I was increcibly impressed with having a large handle that was contoured to my hand. This hook is 100 times better than the Brittany hook that I got a few weeks ago. In fact, the Brittany hook has a rough spot on it that snags the yarn and I had to sand it down a bit. I need to find out if Jimbo can make a G size hook with the same wide/contoured handle. The G/7 hook is the hook that I use the most. The hook I bought from Jimbo is a K hook.

Pre-Felted (bad lighting):

Deneen’s bag on Left, My bag on Right.

After 3rd Felting. Notice you can’t see any stitch definition in the brown, but in the blue you can still see some definition. I am afraid if I tried to wash it one more time it would shrink too much. Sorry about the lint pieces on the bag. I need to brush those off. Felted wool is like velcro.



  1. Beautiful yarn.. I love the green! *jealous*
    I like the felted bag. The blue is such a pretty color.
    Thanks for the invite to Dogwood. I am really enoying it. I like the feel of it.

  2. I like the blue with the brown. Looks nice.

  3. Cool bag!

    I believe felted refers to fabric/finished pieces and fulled refers to yarn.

  4. No offense taken here. I have fulling problems with my washer~I don’t get it,but it’s true!

    The sock yarn is gorgeous, as is the roving.

  5. Cute bag! I love Deneen’s pattern, it’s so versatile. I’ve made several of them. Love the brown and blue you used. I think (just from what I’ve heard) that fulled refers to the fuzzing effect and felted refers to the final fused product.
    Nice prize pack from Natalie! Can’t wait to see what you do with the sock yarn, I have some of that from KP I haven’t decided what to do with.
    Just picked up that same chocolate bar from Trader Joe’s this weekend- love their stuff!

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