March 12, 2006

Scarf and some spinning….

I took the purple yarn that I spun and plyed and made this scarf with it. I even used some of the light purple single that I had left over from plying to go around the edge. The scarf is kind of funky in that there is a lot of thick and thin, some unplyed portions (from Tony’s spinning adventure,) and some overspun kinks. However, I like it and it will be mine to wear when it gets cold here, which is rare (but recent.) I tried to get Tony to take a picture of me where it, but I got about 12 feet of fence and then me and then you can barely see the scarf. So, I took a picture of the detail. I will tell you it is really long (8 or 9 feet) and about 3 or 4 inches wide (I didn’t measure.) It is warm and soft.

Also, I spun up about 4 ozs of BFL. I think I am getting better. There are some overspun parts and it isn’t all one “weight” but I think I am getting more consistent. The BFL is easy to spin and I spun it while watching a movie with Tony, which he likes because I RARELY can sit through a movie. So, it was a thrill for him to have me watch a movie with him without getting up a million times to go do stuff. Yes, I am an ADD movie watcher.



  1. I love that scarf!!!! I like the very funkiness of it!

    WTG on spinning…..YAY!

  2. Scarf looks great!

  3. Very cool! Nice work, mama. 🙂

  4. Funkalicous!! The scarf turned out very nice.

  5. Woot for spinning! I so need to post some of my examples. 🙂

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