Matching Wallet

March 14, 2006

I made a matching wallet. I should have written the pattern down at the time, but now that it is felted, I can’t quite remember the “exact” instructions. I guess I need to make another wallet so this time I can write it down. I wasn’t sure if it would work as I was hoping it to be credit card size. I have realized the Blue wool, which I dyed, is knitpicks wool of the Andes just will not felt any more than this. I washed it over and over and this is it. The brown felted great. It is Patons Merino.

I was finally able to find the Crytal Palace Iceland yarn I needed to finish the sweater for Sierra. I found it in Canada. No, I didn’t actually go there. I had to google Tidepool yarn and found a website in Canada. I emailed them and they had it in stock. So, I ordered it, along with something for my secret pal (since it is $12 in shipping…sigh…had to order something to make it worth it.)

So, here is the kicker. Are you ready? I had originally bought the Iceland yarn off of ebay. I scored a great deal. The colors were discontinued, but I didn’t know that and really it wasn’t announced anywhere online. I am pretty sure with my $12 in shipping (even though in Canadian money) has taken the “deal” out of that ebay purchase…ha ha. I am happy, though. I am happy that very soon (well, whenever the yarn gets shipped here…2 weeks?) I will be able to finish the sweater. Even though it might be Spring (or even Summer) by then, it is always cold where my parents live and that was the purpose of knitting her a wool sweater like that.


  1. Alright! I am glad to hear you located the yarn but very sorry it didn’t end up being the deal you first thought.

  2. Cute little wallet, Wendy! I want one!! I like the blue how it doesn’t “felt” it makes my eyes dizzy, in a good way. πŸ™‚

  3. Yipes – $12 s&h is steep, but I’m glad you found the yarn!

  4. Whew! Blogger was acting up this morning & wouldn’t let me comment – hopefully this one works!

    I like your wallet – good job! And I hear ya on the shipping costs making deals less than stellar sometimes!

  5. Nice design on the matching wallet. I like the way you used the colors in the wallet and the bag, the opposite color scheme looks great. πŸ™‚

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