Felted Purple Bag

March 24, 2006

I finished the purple bag. There are a few errors. I wish I would have corrected them before I felted.

the first one is that apparantly I miscalculated for the strap of the bag and it is a little bit off center. I fixed this by putting the tie around the top. I also should have done a few decreases on the top of the bag to pull it in a bit, instead of let it go out. If I was really daring, I could just cut the straps off and fix handles to it in another way.

The other big error is that I crocheted, round and round and round, instead of joining and then working up the next row. Because I did it this way I got a noticeable join seam that I didn’t think would be noticeable after felting and apparantly I am wrong. When I placed the tie around the top of it I should have done it so the join is in the back, but the problem with that is the top flared out more on that side, so it really should be the front.

This is fine if the bag were for me. However, I offered to make a bag for a swap that I didn’t participate in. One person had a family emergency and couldn’t send out a bag and so I offered.

I am thinking I should make that person a new bag and keep the flawed bag. Would you want a flawed bag? I am all for contructive criticism.



  1. I think it looks just fine. You can make another bag if you want to, but I like that one the way it is. Very nice use of color!

  2. I love how the rainbow part came out!

  3. I think it’s wonderful! I’d be happy to receive that in a swap – honestly!

  4. Looks fine to me! I’d take it any day.

  5. The bag looks great! You’re probably the only one who will notice the flaws since you made it. I’d love a bag like that. 🙂

  6. I think the bag looks fabulous, I love the colours you chose!

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