Excitement and procrastination

March 27, 2006

The summer school schedule of classes came out today and I just found out the Anatomy class I need to take is only a 7 week course, (M thru Th from 8:30am to 2pm.) Yes, that is a lot of class. I figure it will be a test a week type class, but I am ready. I was just about to get all “party-on” and excited that I had a summer. Then, I read that there is a Physiology class offered the 7 weeks after the Anatomy class. If you remember my rant a few months ago, the registration computer system screwed me out of the right Anatomy class and that put me behind a semester. Well, if I take (more like…if I can get into) the Physiology class this summer I can apply to the nursing school this Fall and start the nursing program Spring 2007, instead of Fall 07.

Who wants to bet the computer won’t let me register for the Physiology class because I haven’t yet completed the Anatomy class?…darn computers…

Insert happy dance! I am absolutely thrilled by this. No celebrating now, though. This is all dependent that the registration process is smooth as silk and there aren’t any snags. (We yarn people hate snags.)

Oh, and now I need to get back to studying. 🙂 Wish me luck. You already know my biggest fear (sleeping in and missing the test.) Oh, also my second biggest fear, that my brain turns into a black hole and all knowledge is “lost in space.”



  1. Good luck! They should let you in… I imagine that’s why they set it up that way.

  2. Good luck!

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