Foot in Mouth – Disease…and Yarn

April 10, 2006

I tend to be having a bit of “Insert Foot in Mouth Disease.” I am sorry to all of those involved. I suppose it is better than having the dreaded “Head up the Ass Disease.” Luckily, I am not that flexible.

One example of my disease is when my Secret Pal sent me this lovely yarn.

Yep, it is a huge roll of yarn. I showed my husband, who immediatly told me he thought it was carpet. NO! I exclaimed. However, it really was a lot like carpet,rough texture, same color…and that is where my disease took over and I mentioned to my secret pal that I thought she had sent me a roll of carpet yarn. There was no piece of paper or anything telling me what kind of yarn it was, so I even did a bit of a burn test on it, finding out it was wool.

I later found out from my very gracious and generous secret pal, that it is 100% New Zealand
wool, 2 ply, 1000 yards per pound in Antique White. Wool that I can dye with, suitable for purses, bags and hats, but probably not so much for garments. Thankfully my secret pal has a sense of humor and has probably noticed that I am inflicted with this disease, so has overlooked my jerky-ness.

So, tonight I made a hank of 6 ozs and because I ran out of saran wrap, I decided to try kettle dyeing again. Each time I do it, I am thinking of a better technique of kettle dyeing.

The first time I dyed, I learned, “Do Not Stir the Pot.” This is very important.

This time, I learned that different colors exhaust at different times. It appears green is kind of last. When I dyed it, I put all the yarn in the pot and all the colors I wanted on the yarn. Then, waited for the dyes to exhaust. I am thinking this “all at the same time” method is interesting, but not what I want.

Adding to my list of what to do next time is that I will pour 1 color in and wait for it to exhaust, then pour the next color in and let it exhaust….down the colors. I also think I need less water in the pot. This time I had it at the right temperature and so I didn’t felt the yarn.

The yarn did turn out interesting. It was not bright, which I am kind of liking and the yarn strands are 2 tone in many areas. In fact, many green strands also are purple, so they seem a bit irridescent.

Here are some pics of it drying.

As suggested by my secret pal, I soaked it in Conditioner and I also added some lavendar oil to the soak and some lanolin, to soften up the yarn. I think the yarn ended up much softer and my hands are super soft! It smells really good, too. Maybe the lavender oil will help deter bugs?

Thanks secret pal for the yarn. šŸ™‚



  1. Very nice. Now, you should do a full tutorial on how to dye with a dye pot for those of us who have no clue.

    Secret Pal

  2. Looks great. I am with your secret pal, let us know how you use a dye pot.

  3. oooh, great yarn! and don’t worry about foot in mouth disease — i have it too. i said something nasty about chihuahuas in an elevator lately and a woman said hers had just died. oops.

  4. Oh, no…I kind of giggled because that is something that would happen to me.

    Tutorial on dyeing with a pot? Hmmm…good idea. I might work on that soon. In fact, if my back would stop hurting, I might do it tonight. šŸ™‚

    ps…Secret pal, you are sneaky!

  5. Wendy I love the dyed yarn. Please do a tute! I have been wanting to try dying but frankly don’t know where to start! Yeah I COULD look it up….but

  6. Wow, what a great pal gift! I LOVE how the dye job turned out! Those colors look great together!

  7. wendy, i love how it turned out. very very pretty. i think we all have had foot and mouth disease at one point in time or another. what a special present from your sp, and that she has such a good sense of humor. lol i wish i was not allergic to wool
    šŸ˜¦ hugggs girl

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