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April 14, 2006

I finished Sierra’s socks and she loves them.

One sock looks a little baggy by the heel, but it isn’t. She wore them all day at school and I think they got a little stretched being squished into the shoes she wore. I am sure after I wash them they will go back. Either way, she is happy and I am happy to finally finished them. She will leave me alone now for a few more weeks and then will beg me to make her something purple. It is cyclic. Madeleine hasn’t figured out how to ask for handcrafted garments yet, so I have a few more years with her. However, I can already tell she is a hat and handbag type of gal. Oh, and see the shirt with the 3 racoons? That is Madeleine’s favorite shirt. She always points at their eyes and then laughs.

Angelica Tunic update. I have 18 rows left of sleeve one and ran out of yarn for that sleeve. I am at the 3/4 sleeve point and I don’t like 3/4 sleeves. I want long sleeves.

I am now kicking myself because this is a discontinued color of yarn, so now I must search on ebay and yonder to see if I can find one more skein. sigh.

It is my goal to finish up some WIP’s this weekend, so I can start my mass studying for my 2 tests next week and then finals the week after.


One comment

  1. Those socks turned out great.. I really do love those colors..

    And if I haven’t said it before, your girls are beautiful.

    I hope we get a chance to get together in May =))

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