Secret Pal Reveal / School Update

April 22, 2006

This is the yarn I kettle dyed. It looks wonderful wound
in a ball. I can’t wait to see what it looks like worked up.


Here is the beautiful purse she made for me.  I am going to
run it through the wash again, her washer stopped

got a huge reveal box of stuff, on Thursday!  Thank you
Deneen for being a great secret pal.  I actually didn't know,
so it was a big surprise.  You were pretty darn secretive.
I received a gorgeous felted purse, a pattern book 101 Easy
Tunison stitches with several different sized tunison hook.
I have never tried Tunison crochet, so that should be
pretty interesting.

I also received, Adagio teas, 4 different varieties and they
all smell good.  I have never tried this type of tea, and can't wait.

She sent some of her Jasmine Shea Butter and several skeins of sock
yarn.  Deneen, you really did spoil me!

Oh, and that wasn't enough, she also sent my girls teddy bears with
these cute little bags attached to them and flower lei's, which they
wear as headbands.

I am lucky to have had Deneen as a secret pal and also as a friend.

I will try to post pictures in a bit.  I just logged on to post this
and now back to studying.

I think I did okay on my Micro test last week and got a 92% in my
Anatomy test. I will be done with finals after Tuesday!  Yay!!  I
cannot wait. 

***Test/School Update***  I got a 75 out of 76 on last week's test, that is a 98%. 
I got a 95% on my Anatomy final, which gives me a solid A in that class. 
I find out my Microbiology final and class grade on Saturday.  I think I did
okay, but the first 30 questions were iffy (you know...those go back 3 months)

I registered for school for the summer, which starts May 8.  I am
taking Anatomy and then Physiology and also Political Science, 1 more credit
and it would be an official full time load.

So...how much crafting can I do in 12 days?


  1. How fun that must have been to get such great stuff..Glad to hear finals are almost over. Take care and don’t stress over it too much.

  2. What a great secret pal! Sounds like you got oodles of goodies. 🙂
    Congrats on your test!

  3. The kettle dyed yarn looks great, nice colors.

    Hooray for 12 days off!

  4. Not that you will, but if you need help with Political Science I’d be happy to see what I can do!

    Less than a week til our mutual birthdays!

  5. From one full load, to the next, eh sis? You are a very motivated student! Good work on the test scores, you rock! Hey, maybe dad will send you another silver coin…:)

  6. Congrats on the A’s!

    Have fun crafting!

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