Grades, Spiders, and Craziness…oh my!

May 1, 2006

First my grades….I got 2 A’s the last semester. What I am really proud of is my Microbiology class and the fact that I got the highest grade on the final in my class.

Of course, it will never make up for my past grades, 11 years ago when I took 19 credits one semester and bombed the semester getting a whopping 0.94. Those grades haunt me and will always pull my grade point down. In fact, they may prevent me from getting into the programs I need to get into. I am now attempting to find out if I can do something about that semester…it may haunt me forever, unfortunately.

On to other things…Tony and I have been doing a lot of yardwork in the backyard.
Here we moved two plants closer towards the house so we can eventually have more patio space.

The plants we moved is the one in the corner and there is one behind the center gardenia plant.

See that shrub? I think it is jasmine. There were three huge shrubs that took up the back planter box. We spent this weekend tearing half of it out. We killed atleast 30 Black Widow spiders and I am NOT exagerating. It was frightening and an eyeopener of the poisonous critters we had in our backyard. We have some more tearing out to do. I might keep one jasmine on the end and reshape it so it grows up and not out and get rid of the dead debris and spider nests undereath. Apparantly this is the Black Widow Spider Mecca. Can you imagine if one of the kids threw a ball in there and went after it and got bit? One black widow was twice the size of most of them and now the picture of that mutant has scarred me and I cannot shake the image of it. I told Tony that maybe when we pull out the other half maybe tomorrow or this weekend I will take pictures.

Tony is off of work tomorrow for my birthday. I am excited to spend the day with him. It was suppose to be a surprise, but apparantly we can’t keep secrets from each other.

You can see the corner where we tore out the shrub I planted a lavender plant. It looks small, but it is actually a pretty good size and I expect that once it takes and grows it will take up that whole corner. It smells so good over there.

This is walking towards my front door. I planted some flowers, can’t remember their name. They are suppose to like direct sun, which they get most the day (except for the moment I snapped a pic, ha ha.) However, they aren’t doing so well right now. They haven’t died but the flowers looke kind of wilted, so we will see what happens. The purple bunch is an African Daisy and is doing pretty well. I expect it to get quite a bit bigger.

Here is another view of my front porch. Do you see the little patch of wait flowers in about the center of the picture? Last night I sprayed them real hard with the hose and 2 seconds later a huge black widow popped up onto the siding of the house. The shells in the corner are abalone. My husband and dad went diving for those a few years ago. The plant in the green pot is a Spanish lavender. It smells a bit different then the variety I planted in the backyard. I don’t know how the lavender will do in that pot. So far, so good. Planting lavender in your front yard is suppose to give you luck.

Tomorrow is my birthday, Friday is Madeleine’s birthday (she will be 2,) Saturday Sierra is in a gymnastics event, then the next weekend (the 13) I am planning a joint birthday party for the girls, Sierra’s is on the 18th so it makes sense to me. It will be lots of kids (hopefully) in the park with pizza and cake and I am trying to think of fun games and activities for them to do.

This week is suppose to be my “vacation” between semesters, but tomorrow I get an ultrasound on my thyroid. I also am trying to mail ebay stuff out, meet with my school counselor, and contact the University of Montana to find out if there is anything they can do to help me with my 0.94…I feel crazy from it all, but will be okay. Oh… and I missed a period. I am not pregnant, no worries there, but isn’t that weird?

I have been crocheting. I might have pictures tomorrow…or Wednesday.



  1. Wow! Sounds hectic. Congrats on your As and happy birthday!!

  2. Eeep! Black widow spiders!!! I’m glad I don’t live near them!

    Happy birthday! 🙂

  3. Happy Birthday!!

  4. Happy Birthday! Black widows – they are everywhere in the southwest – yuck!

  5. Happy birthday Wendy!

    11 year old grades–your school doesn’t have a shelf life for grades? The school I was an advisor for if you didnt finish your program in 10 years the courses you took outside of that time period had to be retaken.

  6. Congrats on your grades! I’d definitely have that shrub area sprayed with some kid-friendly spider killer to try to discourage any more black widows–especially since one was a big ol’ mutant.

    Happy birthday to you!

    Hopefully your thyroid exam will go well…that could have something to do with a missed visit from Aunt Flo…also, all the stress could do it. Good luck!

  7. OMG! I complain about the crazy spiders around here, and I’m pretty sure they are hatching a plot to gang up and kill me, but they aren’t actually deadly!

  8. Happy birthday fellow Taurean!

  9. Congrats on the grades.
    I would have freaked out seeing balck widows. We have the brown locus(sp?) in WA but they are not aggressive. Black widows are very aggresive. Be careful.
    Good luck at the Drs. I agree with Melissa, the period thing could be stress..this crap with school would stress anyone out.–>

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