Happy Birthday “Bay-Bah”

May 5, 2006

My Madeleine turned 2 today.

Yep, that is a “poor man’s candle,” aka match. Aunt Diane gave Madeleine, a little party with her cousin Brooke and sister, Sierra. We had a lot of fun.

My little 12 pound baby is growing up.
This is how I remember Madeleine when she was born…

12 pounds…3 ozs.

eta: Yes, she was born via C-section. I wanted to have a VBAC, but the hospital wouldn’t let me. Thank goodness I didn’t try for a vaginal birth. I do believe I had gestational diabetes that wasn’t diagnosed during my pregnancy. At 3 weeks after she was born her weight dropped down to 10 lbs 3 0zs. Then she started gaining. Her growth chart was pretty funny. Some babies go from a low weight on the growth chart and then steadily climb. Madeleine’s line decreased. When she was a year old she was only 50% for weight and height with a 30% head.



  1. 12 lbs. 3 oz. – Ouch! Was she a C-section baby? If not, I feel your pain! hehe What a cutie. 🙂 Happy B-day Madeleine!

  2. Happy Birthday to your kiddo!!

  3. She’s adorable=Happy Birthday Madeleine!

    12 lbs 3 ounces, eek woman

  4. Happy Birthday Madeline, she is a doll.
    Owie….12 lbs..

  5. Happy Birthday, Madeleine!!!

  6. Oh how cute, I just love that picture~

    A 12 pounder at birth… Ouch! I sure hope it was a C section too. I didn’t like having a C section with my 5 pounder, but I couldn’t imagaine… and don’t want to. Getting rid of thoughts… LOL

    Hope you had a great day! Happy Belated Birthday to your little one!

  7. Aww! What a cutie!

  8. What a roly poly baby! She’s adorable, happy belated birthday!!

  9. Oh my goodness! She is a cutie!

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