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June 29, 2006

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Well Traveled Bag – Finished

June 26, 2006

I am so happy with this. There are so many firsts with this bag. First time using Gentian violet as a yarn dye. First time lining a bag. First time putting grommets on anything. First time putting on a magnetic clasp.

I was going to take pictures as I went along my merry way with this bag, but really it was trial and error.

Error #1 was the first lining I sewed up was too small. I don't know how my measurements were off, but after closer realization, my bag was bigger than I had originally measure.

The second lining I sewed up was…of course…too big. I took in the seams of it by 1/4 inch on each seam and then it was just right. I felt like Goldilocks for a minute.

(Kind of like when I dyed it…first time (after fulling)…bad…second time, too red…third time, just right…)

I put the felted bag inside the inside out lining and then sewed around the top leaving about 3 inches open on the top. Boy, I could have used 5 inches. I had this "a ha" moment as I was wrestling a 1/4 inch thick felted bag through the tiny hole. Seams did rip, but in the end, it was okay. I admit I help my breath for a second.

What I then saw was wonderful purple bliss. I was so happy with the lining of the bag. I then had to go to Walmart to buy some of that plastic canvas stuff so I could fit the magnetic claps on to it, like this. I sewed the plastic canvas with some wool onto the inside of the felted bag, without popping out to the other side. It worked great and really is only enough for support.

Then, I top stitched around the top of the bag, closing the open seam. I used a long large knitting needle and some scissors to make holes along the side of the bag and then used grommets, the grommet tool, and a hammer to put in the grommets. This really was easier than it sounded. Of course, Tony had to do the hammer thing. You all know I can swing a hammer (I use to do some roofing jobs in college.) Just realize he felt he needed to be a part of that.

After the grommets, I cut the leather and braided it. Then, the little bag…I sewed ribbon to the top of the bag, making a casing and threaded another ribbon under it and added some beads to it, making it a little drawstring pouch.

This bag, though I really wish I could keep it, will be auctioned off on Friday at my mother's club to benefit the local children's crisis center. It will be done like a chinese auction, where people tickets and then they put their ticket with the item they want to win. Then there is a drawing for each item. So, the bag will not go for a specific dollar amount, but will still benefit the charity and I think that someone will really enjoy the bag. (Is it wrong for me to put my ticket to get drawn for the bag?)


Skull Cap

June 24, 2006

Pattern: Cool Crochet Skull Cap

Yarn: Cotton-Ease (this is different than the Cool Crochet that the pattern called for.) Because I used this yarn, my gauge is off, so really this cap is larger than it should be.

With that said, though. I know my sister would want it. I am going to make another one with a smaller gauged yarn.

Hook: Size G

Pattern notes: there is an error in the pattern in Round 7. Since I followed the pattern wording I got 25 round, instead of 27. At the time I was too lazy too frog and since I knew my yarn gauge was off I figured it would be better to have less rounds and am glad this happened.

There is also a small wording error in the round after the 11the repeat of round 8. It says to sc in sl st and there wasn’t a sl st.

All in all, I thought it was an easy pattern and works up incredibly fast. If you need a quick gift for someone I would suggest this pattern. Oh, and this didn’t take up much yarn, about 50g I am guessing.


Protected: In all seriousness – Warning Not G Rated

June 22, 2006

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The story of a Bag

June 21, 2006

This is a little story about a bag, a version of Dawn's Well Traveled bag.  First, I crocheted the bag using Dawn's pattern, however I did it all in HDC.  The reason is because I was crocheting the bag in one single color, so I did not need a thin stripe and since I was felting it I knew it wouldn't matter if it was single or half double.  

So, I finished crocheting it with the yarn that Deneen gave me and that I had dyed with Kool-Aid and food coloring.  I got this lovely colored bag.  I absolutely loved the colors.  
Then, came a HUGE PROBLEM!  I felted the bag and the colors faded to pastels, and icky pastels.  I couldn't handle it.  I stared at the bag and just could not deal.  So, in a fit of rage I got out the dye pot and threw the bag in there with the only dye I had, red colored Kool-Aid.  This happened so quickly, I did not take a picture, but I guarantee it was a fugly sight.

Out of the dye pot came this pukey raspberrry colored thing.  You could still see the icky throwup orange underneath the red color.  It sickened me.  No other colors.  I had no other dyes.  What was I going to do?

Then, my head thought of that purple color, you know, that color that stains everything when your child has thrush.  Gentian Violet.  Now, I have wondered in the back of my head if you could dye yarn with it.  This isn't a new thought for me, and I was desperate.  

So, I took the raspberry fug and put it back into the pot with the hotest tap water I could get (enough to cover the bag) and added way too much Gentian Violet that I had mixed with another packet of strawberry Kool-Aid.  My though was the KA had the citric acid.  I was out of vinegar.  

One thing about Gentian violet is that it is alcohol based.  So, I was kind of afraid of heating my dye pot.  My fear was too much heat could cause a fire, yet I really do not know this for sure.  Knowing my luck it would happen and then Raspberry fug would be scorched. 
I let it sit in the dye for about 30 minutes, it got kind of milky, but it never exhausted.  I have a few theories why it didn't exhaust.  The first is that I didn't have the stove turned on.  The second is that I think I used way too much Gentian Violet.  I think it doesn't take very much to get a nice rich purple.  The third is maybe I didn't wait long enough.  I don't know.  

I rinsed the bag in the sink with dish soap and hot water.  I then threw the bag in the washing machine on hot water and added some synthrapol.  

Here is the final results of dyeing the bag.  I am very happy with the purple that I got.  You can still see some undertones of the red color, but I think that is a nice part of the bag.  Pardon the lint on the bag, it isn't a finished product as I need to clean the lint off, line it, add purse clasps, add grommet holes, and add a purple leather strap.  All of that dyeing and washing really felted the bag.  The dimensions of the pattern after felting is  7”x9”x4”.  My bag's dimensions are 7"x7"x4".  At one time the bag was longer and I think it was 9".  Oops…

This purse will be auctioned off at my mother's club, to raise money for the local children's crisis center.   (Thanks Dawn for giving me permission to use your pattern for this.)


Swing Tank

June 19, 2006

Summer Swing Top

Pattern: Summer Swing Top

Needles: size 5

Yarn: Cotton-ease in color Banana Cream

Pattern notes: This pattern worked up very easy and quick. I was a little thrown off by the circumference of the bottom of the top, but it looks cute on Madeleine so I think it is fine. I was 1 1/2 off in the length, but it is for a toddler who is smaller than Madeleine, so I think it will be okay. If I were to make this for Madeleine, I would do one more pattern repeat in the skirt part. It would change the yoke a bit, but since it is ribbing I think it would be fine.

I am happy to have finished something, of course it isn’t one of my work’s in progress…because apparantly I have some type of attention problem.

And…because I have a category for bugs, I found a moth today in a bag of wool roving. Can you believe that? It was in a sealed zip lock bag. I checked the seal and it was fine. Ick! I looked through all the bags of wool I have and that was the only one.

If I told you the past three days have been hot here is an understatement. The problem is that last week it was so cool, 75 degrees one day. Then, Friday it was 100 degrees and felt about the same Saturday and today. I love the sun, but I hate 100 degree weather. My ideal is low 80’s. We almost went to see my parent’s this weekend, but we really needed some time at home. Maybe tomorrow I will show you a picture of my flower garden.

I had planted flowers about a month ago and they all died (except the lavender, it is still doing really well.) Yesterday we went to home depot and bought some more flowers. I also bought some mulch and hopefully my flowers will have a better chance now of living.


Four feet around

June 13, 2006

That is the circumfrence of the bottom of the size 2 (toddler) swing tank top in this pattern.  Now, I know it is a "swing" top, but doesn't 4 feet or 48 inches sound a tad giant for a toddler?  It looks so huge on my needles.  I know I will be decreasing, etc…it is just so big.  


On the home front, we are working on getting a hot tub.  It is a nice one (6 person) and the best part is it is free.  The problem you ask?  Trying to find a group of guys who will go and get it for me.  Then it will sit in my garage until we can get a 220 line put in the backyard and get something for it to sit on.  Tony thinks we should build a small deck.  We aren't home owners, just renters…but with my bad back, this hot tub is a blessing for me.  I will know by Wednesday night if we get the tub.  I keep hoping.  I think of all of those mornings I wake up hurting so bad and all I will need to do is crawl downstairs and get in the hot tub.  

 I picture playgroups where the kids are playing on the swings and the moms are sitting in the hot tub…Okay, now that is just silly.  😉  Of course we would just make it a mom's night out.