Matching Halter

June 9, 2006

I made a cute little matching halter top. I incorporated knitting in the top part of it and crochet is the bottom part of it. I have no idea what this will look like on a child as mine are both asleep and I wrapped it to give to my friend tomorrow. I am crossing my fingers she won’t think this is ugly. Yes, I know the stripes are kind of weird, but I think in a quirky way it matches the cardigan and will look cute as a once in a while type top. Maybe I am out of my mind, I don’t know…it is 3 am here. Yikes. Sorry for the bad lighting/pics. Oh, and this is for my friend’s 3 year old daughter.

I did sew some chicky buttons on the cardigan, but not the snaps. So, they are purely decorative. I am going to give the mom-to-be the decision on what I should do. Should I add snaps? Should I sew in some button holes (I think I can do this with my sewing machine) or should I leave well enough alone. I will let it be her call. All though I am hoping for the latter.



  1. I think the set is VERY cute & your friend will love it. 🙂

  2. Adroable set-lucky friend!

  3. I think it’s adorable!

  4. Nice set!

    Welcome to WordPress.

  5. cute cute set!

  6. it is very cute. i love the color combo.

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