Join my Blog roll…

June 10, 2006

If you are not on my blog roll and would like to be, post here. I added many people tonight and then got tired. I was considering adding some of my local friends, but don't know if they want to be linked to my blog as some of them have private blogs. So, just let me know.

 Edited to add:  Is there a way I can link my bloglines list to my blog?  I guess I don't know how to show the blogs I read…and while it would be nice to add all 160 blogs with cute buttons to my blogroll, that doesn't seem realistic for me as it took me several hours last night to get the handful on there that are there.  So, if I missed you please don't take it personally and just give me a shout out here.  



  1. You can add me


  2. I just started reading you very reciently & i would love to be added! 🙂


    Take care,

  3. Huh? Shouldn’t your blogroll be blogs you like to read? Feel free to link to me if you want. 😉

  4. Yea, I just use the “Sub with bloglines” in my favorites and it saves everybody and updates my blogroll on it’s own.

  5. http://bloglines.com/help/share

  6. Your new blog looks terrific! A few people have made the jump to wordpress. Keep us informed as to how you like it. I may be too lazy to ever make the switch. 😀

  7. Can you add me too?

  8. with bloglines, click the share tab – then click the ‘generate html’ button (leaving the above fields blank) then a java code will come up that is highlighted in blue – put this in your blog template where you want the blogroll to be 😀


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