Four feet around

June 13, 2006

That is the circumfrence of the bottom of the size 2 (toddler) swing tank top in this pattern.  Now, I know it is a "swing" top, but doesn't 4 feet or 48 inches sound a tad giant for a toddler?  It looks so huge on my needles.  I know I will be decreasing, etc…it is just so big.  


On the home front, we are working on getting a hot tub.  It is a nice one (6 person) and the best part is it is free.  The problem you ask?  Trying to find a group of guys who will go and get it for me.  Then it will sit in my garage until we can get a 220 line put in the backyard and get something for it to sit on.  Tony thinks we should build a small deck.  We aren't home owners, just renters…but with my bad back, this hot tub is a blessing for me.  I will know by Wednesday night if we get the tub.  I keep hoping.  I think of all of those mornings I wake up hurting so bad and all I will need to do is crawl downstairs and get in the hot tub.  

 I picture playgroups where the kids are playing on the swings and the moms are sitting in the hot tub…Okay, now that is just silly.  😉  Of course we would just make it a mom's night out. 



  1. Hot tub sounds sooooo good, oh wait, I can’t use them (it raises your blood pressure) poo!

  2. Fun playdate!

  3. Oh, it sounds so nice. My back would love one right about now.

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