July 15, 2006

Pattern:  Knitty Pomatomus 
Yarn:  Knitpicks dyed by me (food coloring and KA)



  1. I LOVE those. Great job and thanks for providing the link for the pattern. Must try this after I finish my CIC socks…knitting Socks for Soldiers (my hubby is next in line) and well…ok, what’s another sock in progress, right?

  2. Wow! They are great! Such even stitchery and I love the yarn.

  3. Good job…I’ve saved the pattern and put it on the list, yeah, I have an ever growing list!!

  4. Nice pattern-see, this is why I wanna knit socks!

  5. they look really great. i am totally intimidated by knit socks!

  6. Hey Wendy, Comment #6 is me. Can you delete it? I would like for Caleb’s blog to be private, if you don’t mind. I didn’t realize I was logged into that account when I posted!! Anyways!

    I love the socks and the stitching, they turned out great!

  7. Gorgeous, Wendy, really beautiful.

  8. Totally gorgeous!

  9. Pomatomus looks great! Great job on the dyeing!

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