Jaywalkers finished

July 20, 2006

Pattern: Jaywalker, largest size
Needles: size 2

Yarn: Claudia’s Handpainted yarn, color purple haze (which does not photography well.)

The color of these socks are an electric purple and a reddish/orange. There is black in there too and really these socks remind me of lava. I absolutely love this yarn and will be buying more of it one day in the future when I have money again.

I have organized my crafting space and am very happy about it. I put my ball winder to good use and I wound up lots of remnant balls of yarn. I am amazed on how much yarn I have that isn’t a full ball of yarn. These are all from projects that I have finished which didn’t require the whole ball of yarn. I need to think of creative ways to use up this yarn. Maybe I need to try intarsia or something that incorporates various colors of yarn. Also, I have been winding up projects that I started that I won’t finish. Some of these are knitting projects that when I started them I was inexperienced or lacked the right tools so just tried something that I thought would work but didn’t. It is a learning process and I am comfortable with reclaiming the yarn and using it for a project that I am happy with. Also it makes my WIP’s much smaller.
I am not done with my crafting area as I really could use a couple of shelves, but it is a start. My goal right now for this blog and for my knitting/crocheting is to have one finished project per week.

I know some people have more but I think this is something I can manage.

Current WIP:

Clapotis w/ sari silk yarn. (I looked at this and I wound the sari silk into balls and man it is dirty. I am not ready to start working on this. This could be something I don’t look at until after the first of the year, I don’t know.)

Socks – basic ribbed sock pattern

Sweat Pea Shawl – crochet project, near complete but am blah about the yarn choice. It isn’t yarn for me, but maybe someone else will like it.

Angelica Tunic – I have one sleeve to complete and then I need to pull out the bind off of the body and add a few more inches as I think it is too short and needs a longer body for my body type. I have kind of stalled on this as I realized that varigated yarn does not look good on a big body. I should have chosen a color that was a solid color. I plan on finishing this within the next few weeks, whether I like it or not.

Sierra is sick, cough, sore throat, 101 fever. It sucks and has kind of messed up my day today. I know that is selfish but in the past year I have had to cancel more stuff because of her or Madeleine getting sick. It is frusterating. Building better immune systems, right? I think I need to make her wash her hands more often.



  1. They came out well and seem to fit you perfectly.

    I have heard so much icky stuff about the sari silk-I really wanted to try it. Perhaps knitting with it is the way-good luck, the stuff does look beautiful.

    Bummer about Sierra, summer sickness is the worst. Elena was sick a lot last year-too much IMHO. Anyway, I started making sure she took a vitamin daily and she’s good about washing her hands frequently and now, knock on wood, she hasn’t had a cold in over six months.

  2. I’ve got Jaywalkers on my (very long) to do list

  3. Those turned out great! Sorry about a sick Sierra!

  4. They look great love the colorway.

    *has sock envy*

    One finished project a week? *faints* But then again… that might be a good “Challenge” for us all to try.

  5. Gorgeous socks!

  6. Your socks are gorgeous! I find sari silk difficult to knit with, but I’ve crocheted with it quite a bit. I have a purse I crocheted about 2 years ago and it wears like iron.

    Thanks for stoping by my blog. I seriously don’t know why we don’t get up to Tahoe more often, only 2 hours away.

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