August 7, 2006

I am emotionally drained from some personal stuff on the homefront. I guess you have to go through these bumps every once in awhile to grow as a couple. My eyes are so swollen from crying that they aren’t focusing very well tonight. So this blog post will be short and unfortunately pictureless.

I finished 2 socks, but they aren’t a pair. One I had to do major sock surgery on as I got to the toe of the sock and I realized I had dropped 2 stitches all the way back at the heel. So I dropped 3 stitches all the way down to the heel and then picked it all back up. It did leave a “run” down the bottom of the foot from the tension of how I picked up the stitches. I think though after I wash and block it that it might help.

I will post pics of the socks tomorrow when I am back in my daily routine of things and well rested.

I also crocheted a “Baby It’s Cold Outside” kimono baby sweater. It came out okay. I think the LB homespun yarn that the pattern called for is too heavy and it really kind of feels like a rug. I don’t know if I should give it as a baby gift because I couldn’t see putting a baby in it. It is stiff and I don’t like the fabric that was created. This is odd because I had read such rave reviews from people about this pattern and was hoping for something a bit different.

I have so many baby gifts I need to make it is a little overwhelming.

Sierra starts Kindergarten on Tuesday. We meet her teacher tomorrow.

I hope you all had a nice weekend. We went to the fair and had a nice time. I wanted to stay longer, to see the Charlie Daniels Band, but Tony wanted to leave and he doesn’t like blue grass/country/southern rock like I do. I love the fiddle. So I was bummed but it is okay. Madeleine loved seeing the sheep and it was pretty funny how she has no fear of any of the animals. The sheep would “baa” at her and she would “baa” back and then laugh.


  1. Sorry you had such an emotional weekend-marriage can be trying.

    I made a few of the “Baby It’s Cold Outside” sweaters using Caron SS for the body and a sportsweight acrylic for the trim. I did change the hook size and, if you want me too, I can look up the changes I made. The sweater came out perfectly!

  2. ((hugs))

    I haven’t made the kimono yet, but I agree that homespun is an odd choice for baby items (other than blankets made for babies born in December in Alaska). But I can see using Caron Super Soft.

  3. Sorry you went through a rough patch. 😦 Hopefully things are on the upswing now! That’s too cute about Madeleine & the sheep! Bummer about the Charlie Daniels Band – I’d love to see them too. 🙂

  4. I am sorry that things have been rough. I hope that it is smoothed over quickly.
    I am looking forward to seing your finished projects. I always love your color choices.


  5. Huggies to you!!!
    Looking forward to seeing the photos when you get a chance.

  6. *hugs* hope things get back on normal quickly!!

    What a bummer about CDB – would love to see them!!

  7. Hope you’re feeling better & things are back to the norm on the home-front quickly.

    *Hugs* to you sweetie.

  8. I’m aorry to hear about the bumps/ we all get them from time to time.

    on a lighter note… ur socks rock. i’m envious.

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