First Day of Kindergarten

August 9, 2006

Sierra could not wait for this day to come.  She loves school so much it is hard to contain her enthusiasm.  She didn’t cry and almost laughed when I asked her if she was going to.  She was confident, got her name tag from the teacher and was probably the happiest kid in her class.  School went fine for her, her biggest problem was that she apparantly locked herself in the bathroom, but was later saved by a big kid, you know a “six of seven year old.”  When I picked her up from school she accused me of being late when I was right on time, they were all early.  The nice thing about her school is I can volunteer their whenever I want to and it is only a block from my house.

I have a story to tell about a local park I went to today, but will have to tell it later.



  1. I’m glad all went well with the first day. That is such a hard day for some kids and harder still for some moms. 🙂

  2. The girls look fantastic. I am so glad sierra enjoyed her 1st day

  3. Both girls are beautiful! The look Madeline is giving Sierra outside of the door is priceless-save the pic-that loving look is priceless.

    Elena adored school too and never looked back. BTW, I am always being accused of being late to pick up Elena, even if I am 15 minutes early. it’s a thing with them, I think-almost a fear of me not making it to pick her up or forgetting. Of course, once I am there, she’s not ready to leave…..

  4. How cute are they!!!

    And that grin Sierra is wearing as she shows off her name tag!!

  5. Wow..that is great! Sierra is a doll. First day of school was always the hardest for me as a kid..so glad she is excited!

  6. What cuties!!!!!!!!!

  7. How wonderful that she is so excited! 🙂

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