Sock Surgery

August 9, 2006

So I am not yet a nurse, but apparantly I am a sock surgeon.  I dropped 2 stitches in the heel and didn’t notice until I got to the toe.  There is no before picture, but I got a during surgery pic, this is after I made the first incision:

Here is the after picture, with the scar that I hope will in time heal and be less noticeable.

Notice the Pointy Toe, there is a purpose for that.  I realized that only my socks need this and if I get brave one day I will take a picture of my feet.  They are mostly narrow feet with a really tiny little toe and then my big toe and second toe are really long, hence the pointy toe…

See…my two toes fit in that pointy section.  Yes it is odd, but I don’t care.  I am learning about my feet so that I get socks that fit better.

The yarn is Trekking XXL.  At first I had no idea what people were raving about…so it is self striping…what was the big deal?  I knitted with it and I was on size 1’s and man they were taking forever.  The yarn wasn’t as soft as some of the other yarns, like Claudia Handpainted or Socks that Rock.

When I tried it on I realized the magic.  The sock fits like a glove.  It is feels very nice on my feet and oddly in this summer weather my foot enjoyed wearing it.

It is a co of 72 stitches in a 2X2 rib for about 2 inches and then stockinette stitch to the heel where I did a short row heel and just a standard toe where I added a few extra rounds to the toe to go up around my 2 long toes.  If it wasn’t for the sock surgery I this would have been relatively uneventful sock knitting.

I finished another sock, but can’t find the picture so I will have to post about it later….tomorrow, maybe.

Thanks for all of the thoughts.  I am okay.  Every few months my relationship with Tony hits these big bumps and sometimes I don’t know where we are going with it, in the end we love each other.  I am staying the course with what I have planned and will be starting school again in a few weeks.  It is on my mind and I am trying not to get anxious about it.  I better finish a lot of my projects now while I have the time.



  1. Wow-they do fit perfectly-nice!

  2. Wendy I love your socks! The yarn you chose is a dream!

  3. Pretty sock, and impressive surgery. You are a brave soul.

    Best wishes to you in all you do.


  4. U continue to amaze me with ur sock talents 🙂

  5. Amazing! I would have hung my head and cried.

  6. ooo I heart those colors.. Maybe we could work out some jam/sock swapping 😉

  7. Holy crap you are talented. Dropped stitches means dropped project in my house.

    I like the trekking xxl. Maybe one day I will feel good enough about my knitting to invest in some

  8. I have heard so much about Trekking lately! I’ve never seen it before. Looks lovely! I’ll have to try to track some down (or should I say TREK some down, hahhaa). Once I’m off my yarn diet, that is!

    I bet if you rub some Vit. E on that scar, it will go away in no time.;)

  9. Wow I sure had a lot of catching up to do! Whew~ I just love the photos. You are one crafty lady indeed.

    Sierra looks adorable, and ready to face college! Start saving lady~ 🙂

    You look a lot like your Mom!

    Don’t worry about the bumps. They come and go in every relationship. Going through my own right now. I wish every tear got rid of a lb. That would be nice. 🙂

  10. I really like the color of those socks. I have never tried the trekking yarn but now I think I will make a point to see what the hype is all about!!

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