Fiber Freak – Are you one?

August 13, 2006


If you build it they will come…and I say, let them! Calling all fiber freaks, bring your yarn and let’s get busy. Come join the bulletin board I created just for us

There are a lot of fiber artists out there that knit and crochet, here is a place where you can talk about both. You don’t have to be able to do both, but if you like the idea of being able to see all talents with yarn, this is the place for you.

…um…how is that for a sales pitch 😉

edited to add:  I tossed around the idea…should the bulletin board be public to all or private to those who are only fiber enthusiasts who want to be there?  There was a request to make it private.  So I decided to make it private for a short period of time while people get use to the new setting and start posting, like a security blanket.  Then as the group grows I will put up a poll to find out if we want the bulletin board to be more open.

When you go to the site you will have to submit an approval to join the group.  I don’t have a problem approving you if you are someone I know or if you  have a blog or flickr account (something) to show you are into the fiber arts.   This is just a way to keep out spammers and people who are only there to cause trouble.



  1. Hey Wendy, I sent my app. as crochetkel.

  2. good 4 you 4 making a site where you can express yourself freely!

  3. Yay Wendy!

  4. YAY! I sent in my app tonight. I don’t blog much, cause I’m too addicted to fiber to put it down long enough to blog, but you know that already.

  5. Hi, Wendy, I signed up too!

  6. Hi Wendy,
    I just sent in a request for your new forum, found it through Bron’s blog and yours.

  7. Hey Wendy, sent my app too – thanks for the invite.
    I’m just getting back in the swing of getting back to forums and blogging again. See ya there.

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