A tale of 3 Booties (and a sock)

August 14, 2006

I knitted up a newborn hat and booties for a friend who is having a baby in a few weeks.  I posted pictures of it and the pattern for the newborn hatat the Fiber Freaks forum.  I hope you check it out!  (I know, that was shameless…)  😉

The booties were suppose to be newborn socks.  However, something happened and the sock was too small, think doll size.

I decided to forget the socks and go for the Booties.  I used the pattern at Bev’s Country Cottage.   It is a pattern I highly recommend.  You can knit up a pair of booties, quick!

This would also make an excellent beginners pattern as it is really just knitting and purling with some binding off and decreasing.

So, I knit up one bootie with some Blue Sky Alpaca that I won in a blog contest last year.  I doubled up on the yarn as it called for worsted weight and the alpaca seemed much thinner.  The first bootie was great.  I knit the second one up pretty quick but this morning had problems seeming it.

That alpaca is some pretty strong yarn and as I was seaming the bootie (doesn’t that sound x-rated?) the yarn bounded up.  So I pulled it kind of hard, thinking it would pull free, when instead it broke.  Blah!  Fearless (when I should have been afraid,) I got out my scissors and attempted to cut the yarn I was seaming with.  When, lo and behold….yep, I did it.  I cut the wrong yarn.  It sucked.  But you know what, these knit up so fast, I just shrugged it off and whipped up another one.

It looks sickening, doesn’t it?  I think I am going to try and frog it and knit this into the second sock of the “doll socks” and give them to Madeleine for her dolls.  She would absolutely love it and hey, why waste some good yarn?



  1. I think the sucky problem with the one bootie was worth it when it led you to such a great blog title, “A tale of three booties.” Nicely done!


  2. Good thing you made that second bootie right away! I’m making some slippers right now, and I have “second slipper syndrome” but I need to finish because they’r already late for their intended recipient.

    p.s. I’m looking forward to visiting your board, just having some login troubles right now… I’ll get in as soona s I can!

  3. eeek i’m glad it knits up quickly. what a bummer.

  4. I hate that! I’ve done it so many times. Cut through the wrong thread. Totally sucks. Whenever possible I now use a seam ripper. Works great for dk weight and lower.

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