Anouk – In Progress

August 16, 2006

I haven’t been posting many in progress posts/pics, lately and really just need to be more in the habit of doing that.

Here is my Anouk in Progress. I am using cotton-ease and yes, it is kind of hunter orangish, but I think when I get the pockets with the other colors on it will tone it down a bit. Anyways, Halloween is right around the corner and this is a little pumpkinish.



  1. wonderful as always. love the orange.

  2. Your work looks very nice and even. Your friend and her twins are lucky to have this and the other to look forward to.


  3. Looks good, I like the color mix.

  4. I don’t like the orange…too bright is it that bright in person?But the needle work is very nice Wendy! Maybe a darker blue would go better with the orange, for your next one…

  5. I like the colors together already. Very nice. I can’t wait to see it finished.

  6. Beautiful, and great colors!!

  7. omg! I am in love with the orange! ~drool~
    That is going to look so adorable when it’s finished, Wendy.

  8. I love the colour! It is going to be so nice when its finished. I’m thinking about knitting one up for my cousin’s baby using KnitPicks Shine Worsted.:)

  9. My goodness you have been busy in your knitting! I have been gone over a month so have not checked out your site for a long time. You have a lot of great stuff. Congratulations to your friend who is having twins…boy is it an adventure! :o) Hope she has some help!

  10. Theresa, luckily for her she is well established in a mother’s club, so hopefully she will get all of the support she needs. Thanks for the compliment! I was hesitant with the orange, but since Halloween was coming up I was thinking this would atleast be worn once and would be a nice break from all of the pinks.

  11. Wendy – Anouk looks great! I made my Mondo Cable using CE Orange and it was perfect for the beach.


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