Tricksy yarn, progress, and a frog

August 20, 2006

First, I offered to test a scarf pattern for Ev. Hopefully she is okay with me showing pics of my progress. She is using dk cashmere (yum.) I am using Cascade Quatro, which is a WW 100% wool on size 6 needles. I like how it is turning out.

The color tricks you. For the last 6 months, I have thought this was blue, with some green. I asked Tony what color the yarn was and he glanced over at it and said blue. Guess what. It is not blue. Then as I was knitting away, it hit me that it was purple and green. The purple goes from dark to light, as does the green. The green does have a bluish tone to is, but it is not blue. The yarn is purple and green, not blue…man, that is weird. Look at it, what do you think? Fools the eye, huh?

I was going to make this scarf for my dad, but now am wondering what he will think of purple and green…or maybe he will always think it is blue?

I am making progress on the sock. I am almost ready to do the heel, less than 2 inches to go. Not that I am constantly measuring 😉

I wanted to be able to show you progress on Anouk or even finish it, but I have to be honest. I tried a provisional cast on and started to work on the pocket in intarsia and had to frog it all. Let’s just say it was a sick mess. It won’t defeat me though. I decided I will try again tonight. I need to finish something.

Maybe I will pick up the sleeve of the Angelica Tunic and start knitting on that? My goal this weekend is to be able to post some finished projects. I only have a short time before I start school back up and then it is study all the time. Sad but true. In fact, if I was a good student I would start memorizing bones and muscles right now and get a head start, but then that is just silly…



  1. The scarf is coming along nicely and the socks look like a candy cane. Good job.

  2. If he’s anything like my dad, the scarf will be “blue” if he decides he likes it, or “purple” if he doesn’t. (My dad called a pair of turquoise shorts purple because they didn’t have belt loops.)

  3. Nice scarf–and the socks are still looking great!

  4. It does look blue until you really look at it and can see the two separate color. Regardless, of color, it looks terrific!

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