Mary Janes

August 25, 2006

This is my husband’s new hobby. And you thought dpn’s were scary….He is still learning, so please don’t critique his method. For some reason I had to laugh at what he was doing and figured it would make for interesting blog content.

I finished some Mary Jane booties.

Pattern: is by Jessica at http://www.jcrochet.com/
Hook: Size B

Yarn: Size 3 Crochet Thread (can’t remember name/brand)

I decided on doing the picot trim. I don’t think I will put flowers on them, just leave them simple. I might make some matching hats. This pattern is super easy and works up really fast!



  1. Cute booties. What is your dh making?

  2. I’m all for new hobbies and experimenting. I say your husband is doing a splendid job!

    Your booties are awesome!

  3. what is he making? I will call you to find out!!

  4. The mary Janes are so cute–who are they for?

  5. Oh dear, I don’t even know what that thing is. What is it?

  6. Yes, what is your dh working on?

    Cute booties! Nice job.

  7. I like them w/o the flower, too.

  8. those are just adorable. i love them w/o the flower.

  9. This exactly the style I have been looking for!! However, the link doesn’t work. Would you have the pattern to share or do you know of another website offering the pattern?

    Thank you!!

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