Mary Janes with hats

August 27, 2006

Tony’s woodworking project is a “box.” It is a box that a piece of equipment at his work will sit on and it is going to have a drawer to keep small tools in. All of those torture-like things are clamps that are holding the pieces together while he is glueing.

I might drop my Anatomy class this weekend. Class starts on Monday and I can’t afford the book or the parking pass. I might just have to take this semester off and go next spring. I was hoping that we would be able to scrape some money up, but now we have to fix the brakes in the truck. I am kind of mad about that because about 6 months ago I mentioned to Tony the brakes felt funny. I swore to him they were going out. He drove my truck and said they were fine. He then took it to the next step and ridiculed me and made me feel like I was being paranoid.

Well, now they don’t just need new pads, but they need the roters turned, also. This needs to be done now. He has done absolutely nothing today to get the parts we need or to set up time and a place to do this. My patience is growing thin on some stuff.

I finished some hats to go with the mary jane booties. The pinks match perfect, but the purples don’t match that much. I was too tired last night to realize there was that much of a difference. They are still cute though.


  1. Very nice Wendy. Sorry to hear about school. I almost had to drop mine as well because of day care. We worked it out and I hope you can too. ((Big Hugs))

  2. I assumed they were clamps holding it together, he just used an awful lot of them (LOL).

    Love the hats and botties!

    Stinky about not being able to take the class. The books do rock you. Can you drop it this late and still get a refund?

    Getting new rotors is an expensive job because they have to sometime be sent out, ground, etc. Men don’t listen when it has to do with cars-period. I will say, my husband will check something out when I mention it, but he won’t just trust my opinion on anything with the cars. He knows as much about cars as I do (which is pretty little), so I don’t know why his opinion counts more than mine.

  3. Very cute baby knits–she’s sure to love them. I hope things look up for you soon.

  4. wendy, it is a sad but true thing, men think we don’t know anything about cars. i too told my hubby when i was driving his car that it needed a alternator, he said no its not that. we took it into the shop. guess what it was , yep alternator. i think men figure we don’t know much about cars so therefore anything we think of has to be wrong. although since my hubby has taught me all i know about cars, he can’t really say that either yet he does still sometimes. just smile sweet and say in your best sugary voice. told ya so dear !!!!! have a great day

  5. They’ll be great despite the color differences–and the babies don’t have to wear hat and booties at the same time! I’m sorry about school… I’m looking forward to a big care bill soon too. Bracing myself.

  6. Adorable baby gifts!

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