August 29, 2006

Rarely it happens, but I lied. I didn’t go to bed like most sane people would do (ps..I never said I was sane, remember I was the “crazycrafter.”) Instead, I got some type of second wind and in the midst of a bad toothache I did the dishes and finished the Jaywalker socks I have been working on.

Thanks again Sara for sending me this gorgeous yarn that you dyed. I absolutely loved knitting these and the colors never bored me, not once. Sometimes I thought the colors reminded me of a Mary Engelbreit Garden. Sometimes it was pure Christmas spirit.

Here is an inprogress picture of a scarf I am test knitting. This is where I was on Sunday. I am a bit further now. School might slow me up a bit, but I should have it finished by this weekend.

Do you ever wish that people would call you and start hounding you to finish your WIP’s? Okay, maybe that is pretty extreme…I guess I am feeling like I need to be accountable in finishing all that I have started.


  1. houding me to finish would never work for me. I would never work on them just to be a rebel. The socks look wonderful. I’m glad you like the yarn. I never could have made it look so good.

    I’m glad you’re liking school. I think it’s great that you’re doing it.

  2. I’ve got a WIP method. I never work on more than three projects at a time. I have to finish one of the three before beginning a new one. Seems to work for me and I don’t have a bunch of WIP’s haunting me…

  3. Good luck with your WIps.. Cute jaywalkers color ;o)

  4. Love the socks. I am glad to hear you are liking the class you are taking.
    I think you are onto something..maybe we should start a call circle to hound each other about the WIPs because I have a few sitting around that I got bored with but need to finsh.

  5. nice looking scarf you’re testing. Dare I ask if you finished another WIP yet?? lol

  6. You can get those WIPs done – Go Go Go!!!

    If you want i’ll start hounding you daily for updates =)

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