August 29, 2006

School was good. I liked the teacher. She is easy to understand, interactive, and has a sense of humor. I think the semester will be hard, but fun.

I am super tired. I am not use to waking up at 6am. I have been spoiled about being able to stay up and wake up later. It is 8:30 and I am needing to sleep. Dishes are piling up in the sink….blah…

Oh, and I have a toothache. I have been putting the dentist off since I had to go 3 years ago and had a root canal…the time before, a root canal..and well I have a feeling it is time for my every three year root canal…I guess I will call the dentist in the morning.  The sad thing about this is I am an avid brusher and a compulsive flosser.  I have floss in my vehicle, by my computer, on my night stand, and in both bahtrooms.

I did get some knitting done on my sock and I am about 20 minutes away from finishing…sadly all I want to do is go hide in my bed. I will finish it tomorrow. Your sad, huh? Me too…

One comment

  1. I had to go to bed without knitting last night too–I spent the whole day, it felt like, cleaning house and by the time the kids were asleep I was waisted. I hope that school goes well!!

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