Wool Soy Scarf Finished

September 1, 2006

Wool Soy Scarf

Pattern: St st with garter boarder

Yarn: Patons SWS Soy Wool Stripes (70% wool 30%soy)
Needles: Size 9

This is the beginning scarf project I am going to present at my interview tomorrow. It can be changed so that the person who can’t get purl will still have a nice garter stitch scarf. The yarn is so easy to work with, it is a real dream. I would love to have a sweater in this yarn.

It is super soft and look at how wonderful those stripes are!

I didn’t get time to work up a crochet project for my interview. I gathered up tons of my knit/crochet stuff to bring in there tomorrow. Wish me luck!



  1. This yarn has to be super soft if you can tell just by looking at a picture. And the stripes are great.

  2. Wow – that is really pretty. A lot of bang for a knitting buck! That’s got to impress ’em. Good luck!

  3. I adore the scarf and the colors, beyootiful! Good luck on the interview-you’ll do fine.

  4. That’s really gorgeous yarn, and neither of our pathetic excuses of Michaels stores have it yet … go figure. Is it as drapey and soft to the touch as it looks?

  5. Oh yeah and … LUCK! Not that you need it, girl — you’ll coast through the interview on skill and talent.

  6. That’s a great project it’s simple but the colors in the yarn make it really stand out. Very, very pretty. Good luck tomorrow!

  7. The scarf is beautiful! Love the colors, it does look very soft and dare I say, the healtiest scarf I’ve ever seen! JK, it’s lovely , nice job. :o)

  8. It’s super pretty! Wish we had some of that yarn around here.

  9. That looks so pretty! I love soy fiber.

  10. That is gorgeous – good luck, not that you need it, your skill speaks for itself.

  11. The scarf looks great – lovely colours.
    I hope your interview went well 🙂

  12. Thanks for coming by to visit!

  13. thats some gorgeous honking yarn you got there! Fab scarf!

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