Yarn injury

September 5, 2006

I have an injury. It appears that the finger that carries the yarn over it when I hold tension in knitting and crocheting has a blister. It was hard to take a picture of it and will post about that in a second… I speculate this came about because I have been using wool. It feels “prickly” too, like a splinter is in it. I don’t know. I think in order for me to finish the scarf I am knitting, only have 4 more pattern repeats and then 6 rows of garter…so am close…I will have to try to knit with the throw method. I am not unfamiliar with that method. In fact, I have realized I can do both styles, just prefer continental.

It isn’t really a good place to put a bandaid as then you have to deal with the sticky part of the bandaid. Maybe I need moleskin, ha ha…that brings me back to my backpacking days.

About my camera….It is an old digital camera, Olympus D-510. It is a dinosaur now in the digital world. It is over 5 years old as we bought it around the time Sierra was born. Well, I noticed when I put things in the viewfinder’s box that I never get the picture. Tony made fun of me. I kept cutting people’s heads off, etc. Guess what, it isn’t me. It is the camera. Stupid camera makes me look stupid.

Also, I don’t think it focuses very well. Of course, if you are far away it focuses good and I won’t cut you out of the picture it is when the camera moves close up that things get wonkier and wonkier and blurrier.

I guess I will be asking Santa for a new digital camera.


  1. You must be a tight knitter/crocheter! I hope it feels better soon. We upgraded our camera two years ago and it’s so much nicer then the old one we had.

  2. It could be contact dermatitis… I get that with some yarns. One thing I find useful is a small “finger cozy” I made out of a thin yarn (that I *wasn’t* allergic to). I slide it on, and the yarn runs over top of it. It seems that the pointer finger gets the most pressure, and thus has the most problems. You might try that.

  3. ouchy! I’ve had those yarn boo boos before. I had to get a new camera 2 months ago. Its amazing the difference in one that was 3 years old, and a new one. Simply amazing. GOod Luck on ur hunt!

  4. could be the yarn and tight tension,, hope it feels better soon

  5. Wendy could you please forward Santa’s addy to me. If you have his e mail addy that would be great to. I’m thinking I want a laptop, and a new camera. Mine is fine, but slow…

    Hope your finger feels better soon. Maybe (don’t faint) you should take a little break. Then it will heal… 🙂

  6. I also have a yarn injury — well, rather, a knitting injury. It’s the middle finger of my right hand, where the finger holds the right needle. It had a callous that I wouldn’t stop fiddling with, so now it’s all shiny and blister-like. It’s weird — it seemed to appear from nowhere!
    Hope yours gets better soon.

  7. Hi Wendy, I´m sorry and hope it feels better soon. The same happend to me when I finished the last crochet square afghan…

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