Knitted Scarf

September 6, 2006

Knitted scarf – picture clickable

Pattern: John’s Birthday Scarf from Strings ‘n Things
Yarn: Cascade Quatro 100% WW wool

Needles: Size 6

This is a pattern I tested for Ev. It is a seaman style scarf and the pattern is pretty easy to remember. I think the scarf looks like it has faux cables. Ev knitted hers in a DK cashmere. I didn’t have that yarn, unfortunately. However, my dad has been wanting a scarf that is thicker around the neck and warmer then the last one I made him, so I thought this WW wool would be perfect. It doesn’t have the same drape as cashmere, but honestly I am pretty happy with the scarf. Thanks Ev for letting me test this for you! I hope John had a great birthday.

I might try to get a closeup picture tomorrow, but my camera isn’t working so great.

ps…should be in bed…blah…

oh…and pss…scarf looks blue, huh?



  1. […] I posted closeup pictures of the scarf I knitted.   I didn’t get any comments about it.  Usually lack of comments means people are trying to be polite and so are refraining from saying what they really want to say.  This could be true, but I was thinking I would try to get some closeup shots.  It really is a nice scarf.  Think cables…but they aren’t.  Scarves always look better in person and especially when they are tied around the neck (not in the summer.) […]

  2. Hey!! The scarf looks good! I didn’t realize you’d posted a picture of it. It’s nice to see someone else’s finished project!

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