One skein scarf

September 7, 2006

(picture is clickable)

Crocheted One Skein Scarf

Pattern: Happy Hooker or free Patons pattern
Hook: Size K

Yarn: Hand dyed wool with Kool-Aid and Food coloring.

I made the clusters at the ends 7dc clusters, instead of 5. I also fudged a bit on the corners as for some reason my numbers weren’t lining up, but only I know that. ha ha…

This scarf worked up pretty fast, one night. I didn’t like counting over 200, but I survived it. This was done for a CAL at Fiber Freaks. So while my September challenge I am not suppose to start any new projects, the CAL and KAL are my exceptions…oh and anything I have to create for my new job (which I haven’t done much planning for…) They only gave me a week to plan…I will get it figured out.

If I haven’t answered emails or comments, I apologize. I am running on fumes and hopefully will get to emails and comments by the weekend and more than likely sooner. 🙂



  1. Scarf looks great! I love the yarn.

  2. Looks great-don’t worry about getting back to me either, take a breather!

  3. I love your scarf! I saw it when you posted it on Fiber Freaks, but the scarves are being posted so fast and furious that I have gotten behind on commenting on them. I thought about using a multicolored yarn, but chickened out. I love the way the colors pooled (Is that the right word?) in yours.

  4. I love the one skein scarf, not much to think about and all the yarn in the world to make it. Looks perfect, the secret of the skipped stitch is safe with us. LOL

  5. ewwwwwww…aahhhhh…..lovely

  6. What a pretty scarf! My older daughter is working on this scarf right now and I’m amazed at how fast she is getting it done. She only taught herself to crochet, this past summer!

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